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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Strange Proposal

Catalina bit her lip and took a big step back to keep a safe distance from Ralph.

With vigilance and hostility in her eyes, she glared at Ralph, "What do you want?"

"Take it easy, Ms. Grant."

Being elegant, Ralph said with a smile, "We have no malice and will never hurt you."

As he spoke, he spread out his hand to the young man waiting behind him.

The young man soon took out a file from his briefcase and handed it to Ralph respectfully.

Ralph glanced at the file. After checking it, he then handed it to Catalina. "Please have a look at this file. If there is no problems, please sign here."

Catalina was confused.


"What file?"

She took it over in confusion.

And she was shocked as she saw the words on it, "Marriage application?"


Ralph smiled and nodded.

Catalina looked at Ralph in disbelieve, "What is it? Who is going to get married?"

"Of course it's you and Mr. Shaffer."

"Bennett and me?!"


Ralph nodded and smiled, with his hands put together in front.

Catalina felt as if being struck by lightning, and her mind was blank.

What happened? Bennett wanted to marry her?

Catalina seemed to have heard the funniest joke. With a sarcastic sneer, she returned the file to Ralph, "It's not funny at all."

"Ms. Grant, it's not a joke. Mr. Shaffer means seriously. You can have a look. Both applications have been signed by Mr. Shaffer."

Hearing this, Catalina checked it.

It was true!

The marriage application was made in duplicate, and there was the name "Bennett Shaffer" written perfunctorily on the signature column of each file.

The signature was powerful and vigorous, just as the majestic aura of Bennett.

"You could recognize the handwriting of Mr. Shaffer, right?"

She did.

When she wrote homework for him when they were young, she always imitated his handwriting.

So what?

Catalina frowned, "What does he mean?"

"We dare not to speculate about the thoughts of Mr. Shaffer. But for the marriage, Mr. Shaffer is serious."

When saying this, Ralph took a look at Catalina, then he continued, "Ms. Grant, for what I can tell, you should be short of money now, right? Your grandmother needs money for her treatment. So why don't you take a look at the file? It is clearly written on the application that as long as you sign on it, 200 thousand of dollars will enter your account immediately. Why don't you accept it?"

200 thousand dollars?

Catalina was shocked and widened her eyes.

She had no time to think about how Ralph knew that. She opened the file again and read it carefully this time.

It was true!

As Ralph said, she wanted money. She only needed to sign her name on the marriage application, and then she would get 200 thousand dollars.

Catalina's heart jumped fast.

She was desperately short of money. Now, the god was sending money to her!

Took it or no?

She was quite ambivalent.

Thinking of the devil who nearly tore her up in bed last night, she bit her lip and said, "No."

Catalina made up her mind, handed the file back and said firmly: "Even if I'm poor, I will never sell myself, especially to...Bennett!"


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