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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Most Attractive 

Jonathan led Robert and others to the interior of the gallery. 

Inside the gallery was an open space with a platform, where the so-called master, Mr. Guston, was located.  

Mr. Guston was surrounded by guests. It seemed that many people were interested in Mr. Guston's paintings. 

"This is Mr. Guston!" 

Jonathan came to Mr. Guston and began the introduction. 

"Mr. Guston, this is Robert Shawn, a famous calligrapher in our country. He came here today to meet you." 

At this time, approaching, one could see Mr. Guston clearly. 

He was a man in his early thirty years, with long hair and a beard. He looked like that kind of unruly person engaged in art. 

Mr. Guston heard the gallery director's introduction and immediately shook hands with Robert. 

"Oh, you are the famous artist Robert! I've heard so much about you!" 

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I didn't expect that Mr. Guston could be so young. It's really amazing." 

The two sides had a polite exchange. Under the arrangement of Jonathan, Robert, and Mr. Guston went to the lounge of the gallery to chat, and other people continued to enjoy the exhibition. 

After meeting this Mr. Guston, Cecelia immediately contacted Verda and asked Verda to investigate his details. 

She must find out who was so cheeky pretending to be Mr. Guston! 

She had read the exhibition plan. After all the guests arrived, Mr. Guston would make a painting in front of all of them. 

After the completion of the painting, it was a charity auction. His paintings would be auctioned in public, and money would be donated to charity. 

At the end, there was a party, where all the guests were invited. 

After Mr. Guston left, the guests left too. 

Camelia found that Cecelia was not far behind, and came to ask, "Cecelia, what are you doing with me? Tell you, you have no chance! My sister-in-law and my brother will not divorce." 


Cecelia said and then turned around. 

She didn't want to waste time with an idiot at all. 

"Who are you talking about? Say that again?!" 

Camelia blocked her way, but Cecelia looked extremely indifferent. "If you don't want to make a fool of yourself, don't bother me!" 

"Ah huh? I just want to know what you are doing here today. 

"You don't stay with Remi. Do you run out to hook up with men again? 

"Who didn't know that those who were invited to participate in the charity art exhibition today were all upper class people with a good reputation? 

"I'd like to advise you to be restrained and don't bring shame to the Nelson family!" 

"What I do is not your business!" 

Cecelia directly walked past her, bumping her shoulder, and walked away. In Cecelia's eyes, Camelia was as annoying as flies, buzzing all the time. 

After Camelia was hit, she stared at Cecelia's back angrily, and saw her walking towards a young man. The two talked and laughed. 

"Good! That young man must be her new target!" she thought. 

Like capturing evidence, Camelia quickly took out her phone to take a photo of the two people that seemed close, and sent it directly to Remington. 

She wanted Remington to know that Cecelia cheated again! 

Fredric received the message for Remington and saw the photo. After seeing it, he didn't speak. 

Remington heard the message notification and asked, "Who?" 

"It's from Miss Shawn." 

"Did she take annoying photos again?" 


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