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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Ophelia Swallows the Consequences of Her Evil Plan

"Ah, help!"

The voice drew all the attention, and everyone saw a woman hurrying out.

She was only a few pieces of rags away from being naked and looked so terrible with her messy hair and ruined makeup.

Everyone could know right away what had happened in there from one glance.

Gary Linsey nearly lost his ability to utter seeing her daughter running back naked.

"Ollie, what happened?"

"Dad, help me, Dad. There was a dinosaur..."

Ophelia was so terrified her nerves were so tight.

She had drunk the drugged booze herself, which easily made the drinker subject to hallucination.

She thought she had seen a horrible dinosaur and then was desperate to run back despite anything else.

Gary looked outside and wondered where the dinosaur was.

He only saw the driver running in his direction from another side, his clothes in disarray and his face covered with hickeys.

And that revealed to him what had happened between the driver and his daughter.

He couldn't believe Ophelia dared do such a disgusting thing in here with her driver under the daylight.

He was so pissed off and one breath away from passing out. Seeing her daughter what she was, Heather Done rushed here and defended Ophelia, "What happened to Ollie? Who did such a thing to her?"

Still haunted by her hallucination, Ophelia cried, "Mom, I'm so scared! There's a dinosaur after me!"


She looked like a dinosaur to her mother right at this moment!

Heather dropped a coat over Ophelia's shoulder, but she threw it away.

It set the tongues in the hall wagging.

"No way! Miss Linsey did it with her driver?"

"Geez, you can see how intense the sex was!"

"Ophelia Linsey blows my mind. Isn't she dating Sean Gusto? She's cheating on him right now?"

People around talking about it was like a social death sentence to Ophelia.

That driver came closer, attempting to explain, but Gary told him off, "Give the fuck outta here!"

The driver immediately ran away without any delay.

Completely, harshly embarrassed, Gary was so furious seeing her daughter continuing muttering gibberish, he raised his hands and slapped her in the face.


One could even feel that pain hearing that sound.

And that slap finally shattered her hallucination for Ophelia.

Having sobered up, she put her hands on her hurting cheeks and, with tears welling up in her eyes, asked "Dad, why did you slap me?"

"Look at yourself! You embarrassed the shit out of me!"

Gary replied gruffly. Heather guarded her daughter and said, "Ollie, don't stay here! Get outta here!"

Ophelia looked down on herself and knew at once that the drugged booze gave her the hallucination.

Did that mean she and the driver...


She didn't have the memory of how she managed to walk out of that gallery, and at this moment she only wanted to dig a hole and bury her face in it.

Seeing what Ophelia ended up with, Camelia Shawn decided to shut up and hoped Ophelia would not blame her for being helpless.

As his daughter caused such a scene, Gary had no face to stay here anymore and ran away with his tail between his legs.



Cecelia got to see this freak show. Yet, she was worried after thinking about it more.

What if it were she who embarrassed herself here?

That was proof of how mean and malicious Ophelia Linsey was. It was quite a good ending that she became the victim of her own conspiracy.

However, Cecelia already had the answer that Ophelia must have drunk that glass of booze and then gone out of control.

That booze was supposed to be prepared for Cecelia, but why on earth would Ophelia herself drink it up?

Was somebody helping Cecelia in the dark?

Winger had gotten back to Remington without causing any suspicion.

Cecelia looked sideways at the man in the wheelchair but couldn't convince herself that it was he who helped her.

She bent a little and asked in whispers, "Did you just help me in the dark?"

"Get your head out of your ass. I'm not that benevolent."

Remington replied in a flat tone.

"Then why are you here?"

"Passing by."


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