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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Get out of the Way!

According to Verda's subordinates, Chace was currently having a great time at Chow Club.

Cecelia tied up her long hair, put on a wig, and changed into a black suit. Once she stepped out, she transformed into a super cool and cold-hearted guy with a cold vibe.

She was both righteous and evil, and it was hard to tell her gender.

Soon after, Cecelia and Verda arrived at Chow Club to look for the man named Chace.

Chace had tricked Cecelia last time, and today, she was going to teach him a good lesson to avenge herself.

Chow Club was a multifunctional entertainment venue located in Center City.

Cecelia and her subordinates, including Verda, entered the club and began searching for Chace.

They quickly found Chace at a gambling table.

Chace had a gambling addiction and came to the entertainment venue every day.

However, Chace was having a bad day and lost everything he bet. The pile of 750-thousand-dollar chips in front of him quickly dwindled down to only 7,500 dollars.

As he watched himself almost losing all his money, Chace became so anxious that he scratched his hair hard.

Cecelia approached him and casually asked, "Sir, do you want to turn things around?"

"Sure, I do!" Chace replied.

He looked up at Cecelia, but didn't recognize who she was.

"I have a way to help you make your money back. However, I have a condition," said Cecelia.

"What condition?"

Cecelia smiled confidently and continued slowly, "If I help you make your money back, I need to charge a certain amount of interest."

"How high can the interest be?" thought Chace.

Upon hearing Cecelia's words, he immediately agreed. "Okay! No problem!"

Next, Chace followed Cecelia's instructions, betting big when she told him to and betting small when he was asked to.

Soon after, Chace successfully won back his initial investment of 750 thousand dollars.

Chace was ecstatic and asked Cecelia, "Bro, just tell me! How much interest do you want?"

"I want your life," Cecelia uttered in a low voice with a strong sense of intimidation, her eyes icy cold.

"W-What?" Chace's face suddenly changed, and he wondered if there was something wrong with his ears.

"The interest I want is your life!"

Cecelia's tone suddenly became fierce, which scared Chace to death. He grabbed his chips and tried to run away.

But how could he be faster than Cecelia?

Cecelia flipped in the air and landed in front of Chace, blocking his way.

In the next second, a swift and fierce kick was delivered.

Chace was sent flying and smashed onto the gambling table.

Verda and the others held Chace down, pressing his face against the table.

Chace, however, still struggled. Suddenly, a dagger appeared ten centimeters away from his eyes.

It scared him out of his wits, causing his eyes to widen in shock.

"Mercy, sir! Don't kill me!"

Cecelia put one foot on the table, leaning forward and staring at him. "I can spare you, as long as you confess honestly."

"I will. I will definitely confess honestly." Chace surrendered.

The fight caught all the customers' attention in the club, and they stopped to look over, wondering what had happened.

The staff of the Chow Club also noticed that something was happening in the lobby.

Soon, a group of security guards rushed out and shouted, "Who are you? How dare you cause trouble in the Chow Club!"


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