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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Fish the Murderer

"Ooi! Woman..."

Remington Nelson couldn't move or see, so he had to wake up Cecelia Linsey, "Linsey! Wake up..."

"What's wrong?"

Waken up, Cecelia reached for the light switch.

When the lights were on, Cecelia got up and saw Remington sitting on the bed with a frown on his serious look, seemingly pissed off.

Cecelia attempted, "Mr. Nelson, did the late-night urine wake you up? Need to go to the bathroom?"

"No! Did you hear anything?"

"What? No."

She stood up into her slippers, walked to his front, and stared at him, "Did you have a nightmare? Or Phonism?"

"It seemed that something has crawled in. Check it..."

Following his words, she swept around the room and caught a scary glance.

She saw a snake tail crawling toward the tiny bed creeping up along the pillar aside.

"Crap! Snake!"

Seeing such a big grey-brown snake immediately gave her goosebumps and chills climbed up her spine.

Why was there a snake in the room?

She didn't have time to think about it while the snake was only one to two meters away from asleep Andres Nelson. A few more inches up, it would attack her son at any time!

She had to take the risk at this moment, grabbed her phone, and threw it at the snake, which forced it back a little. That was when she rushed to the tiny bed and took Andreas into his father's arms.

"What kind of snake is it? A venomous one?"

Remington heard her screaming and knew at once it was a bad situation.

"Should be a venomous one, but I'm not sure what kind!"

Although she didn't recognize what that snake is, the overall pattern on its body suggested it was deadly venomous.

Getting bitten by it would be dead for sure!

Her chest was heaving because she was afraid of snakes, but right at that moment, her son was too young, and Remington was cripple and deaf. She was the only one who can protect them here!

She had to beat down the inner fear and try to kill this creepy thing!

"Call someone! Call someone!"

Remington didn't want anyone to get hurt, and it was too bad that he didn't see nor have a phone with him. It was impossible to telephone someone but to cry out for help.

But the snake was already nearby the door, making it too hard for Cecelia to go out for others' help.

Her phone was near the creature, and it was also dangerous to reach the phone.

Seeing the snake creeping toward her, she turned around and ran to the cabinet where some porcelain utensils were displayed. She grabbed them and, without looking at them, smashed them at it.

"Go to hell!"


Remington could hear the shattering sounds of the porcelain and knew the woman must have been smashing the snake with those porcelains.

And the utensils displayed all were national-treasure-level antique blue and white porcelains from Yuan Dynasty. Every single one of them was worth a huge bag of gold, and no one would know how long it had taken him to completely collect such a set.

Andres was woken up from his dream and found himself in his daddy's arms and mommy smashing a snake on the ground.

He was shocked, and worried as well. The snake was too big, and what if it bit his mommy?


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