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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 She Tried to Protect Her Son

Cecelia's sharp yell shocked everyone.

"Quicklime? What do you mean?" Gary asked, puzzled.

Cecelia picked up the urn on the table and showed it to him, "Look, take a good look! Are there my mother's ashes inside? No! It's all lime! How can you be so heartless? You didn't even keep her ashes? Are you insane?"

Cecelia got angry and threw lime directly at Gary.

Gary blocked it with his arm. His face was not stained, but his body was completely white.

He could smell it. It was indeed the smell of lime.

"What's going on? How could this be lime? Cecelia, how could I have replaced your mother's ashes? I got it from the funeral home and sent it directly to the columbarium. I didn't even open the urn!"

Cecelia still stared at them. Fearing that she would not believe it, Gary could only swear, "Cecelia, if you don't believe it, I will swear to God right now. I never touched her ashes. If I did, I'd die a horrible death!"

It was a serious oath!

Cecelia could tell that he wasn't lying!

Her cold eyes swept over Heather's face. Heather couldn't care about the embarrassment at the party, and shook her head in fright, "Cecelia, we didn't know about this matter. If you didn't tell me, we wouldn't know about it. You should check carefully. Did someone make a mistake about your mother's ashes? This is not a trivial matter!"

"That's right! I'll keep investigating!" She had made up her mind to investigate the ashes, and she would not let go of any clues.

Cecelia continued to ask, "Which funeral home was my mother sent to be cremated after she died? Were you all present?"

"Of course, we were all there when she passed away. Her ashes were sent to the Peace Mountain Funeral Parlor."

"Yes." Gary nodded.

"You saw my mother's body being pushed into the cremation room?" Cecelia asked again.

"That's right. We all saw their staff push it in with our own eyes. How could there be anything wrong? After the cremation, your father got the ashes, and we took the ashes to the columbarium."

"After my mother died, you didn't even buy her a decent cemetery, and just sent her to the columbarium? You're living in a big villa. Aren't you feeling guilty?" Cecelia asked angrily.

They were so guilty that they couldn't even lift their heads. Cecelia picked up the urn and said coldly, "I will continue to investigate it. If I find the person who did it, I will kill him!"

There was no sound in the room, and they all felt that Cecelia who came back now was like a devil walking out of hell.

She was so terrible!

On the way back, Cecelia fell into deep thought.

If Gary hadn't deliberately replaced her mother's ashes, then this incident must have something to do with the Peace Mountain Funeral Parlor.

The next step was to investigate the Peace Mountain Funeral Parlor, but she didn't have time to investigate today.

It was almost time for kindergarten to finish school. She had to pick up her son from school first.

Cecelia said to Verda, "Go to the Central Kindergartens."


The Central Kindergartens was the best exclusive kindergarten in the whole city.

Those who could take classes here were children from wealthy families who could afford expensive tuition fees.

The Nelson family had arranged the best kindergarten for Andres, hoping that he could get the best education from an early age.

But they didn't take into account Andres's special situation. For a child who had lost his language ability like Andres, it was difficult to integrate into the group.


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