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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30 She Turned the Nelson Family Upside Down

"Madam Nelson, Miss Shawn didn't tell you everything that happened today. I slapped her because she saw Andres being bullied, but she didn't protect Andres. Shouldn't she be taught a lesson?"

"Someone bullied Andres? When did it happen?"

Gabriella asked anxiously when she heard her grandson was bullied.

"After school today, Andres was laughed at and bullied by his classmate outside the school gate. At that time, Miss Shawn was standing aside and didn't protect Andres. I slapped her just to let her remember the lesson!" said Cecelia.

"Really? Cami, you're Andres's parenting teacher. How can you just stand by and watch him being bullied?" Gabriella asked.

Renee hurriedly explained for Camelia, her niece, "mother-in-law, I don't think what Cecelia said is the truth. Cami likes Andres very much. It was impossible for her not to protect him when he was bullied. You can't just believe what Cecelia said. It's unfair to Cami."

Camelia pouted and said, "Yes, auntie is right. Andres was indeed bullied at that time, but I also argued with them. I could have solved this matter properly, but Cecelia interfered and offended Mrs. Quinsey."

"Which Mrs. Quinsey did she offend?" Renee asked.

"It's that Mrs. Quinsey, the wife of Senator Quinsey, the most important political figure in the Center City, and the permanent director of the Vega Association. Mrs. Quinsey's son happens to be in the same class with Andres."

Today, Camelia wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to let Gabriella know how troublesome Cecelia was.

Renee was shocked to hear that. "Oh, no! How can we offend Mrs. Quinsey? Our family is in business. We can't afford to offend the Quinsey family!"

As the saying goes, common people couldn't fight against the officials. Although the Nelson family ranked first among the top five families of the Center Cities and had a significant position in the Cathail Republic, after all, they were in business. If they offended a politician, it would definitely affect the development of the Nelson family.

"That's right, auntie. I also persuaded her at that time, but she didn't listen to me. She even beat Mrs. Quinsey in public," Camelia complained.

Renee showed a frightened expression. "What? How dare Cecelia beat Mrs. Quinsey? Really?"

"Of course, it's true! I have the video of her beating Mrs. Quinsey!"

Camelia found out the video she had recorded and showed it to Gabriella and Renee.

"Oh my God, how dare she!"

Seeing the video of Cecelia beating Mrs. Quinsey, Renee was furious, "Mom, she really did beat Mrs. Quinsey. If the Quinsey family pursues this, the Nelson family will be in trouble!"

After watching the video, Gabriella knew what had happened. "Cecelia, you are right to protect Andres, but you are somewhat out of order beating Mrs. Quinsey in public."

Camelia echoed, "I had argued with Mrs. Quinsey at that time. I wanted Mrs. Quinsey to apologize to Andres and let the matter go, after all, it was just a fight between children. But Cecelia beat Mrs. Quinsey, with no regard for the consequences! There were so many people watching at that time! Mrs. Quinsey has lost her face."

Renee continued, "what should we do now? She has caused trouble to our family!"

Cecelia knew that she was somewhat out of order today, but she would never regret it.

Because she had to protect her son.

When a mother saw her son being laughed at and cursed as a dumb and bastard, could she reason with them calmly?

How Cecelia wished she could have killed all the people who bullied her son!

For her son, she could do everything!

Cecelia said to Gabriella, "Madam Nelson, I've told Mrs. Quinsey to come here tomorrow and apologize to Andres in person! But if she doesn't come or makes trouble for the Nelson family, I will deal with it. As the saying goes, one should be responsible for what he does. Since it was I who started all the trouble, I will solve it well. I won't get the Nelson family into trouble! I leave with Andres first."


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