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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Despicable People

Ophelia was slapped and her face was immediately imprinted with several red fingerprints. She covered her face and said angrily, "Cecelia, how dare you hit me!"

Cecelia shook her hand and said cynically, "I'm sorry. My hand was a little itchy just now. As long as it heard that I was a bitch, it couldn't help but want to hit you. I have no choice. Maybe it's because I'm addicted to beating bitches!"


When Ophelia was about to lose her temper, she saw Sean's car parked at the door. Seeing the man get out of the car, she immediately walked up to him and cried, "Sean! Sean... Waah... Waah..."

Seeing Ophelia crying, Sean asked, "What's wrong? Why are you crying? What's wrong with your face?"

"Someone hit me!" Ophelia cried.

"Who dares to hit you?!"

"She hit me!"

Ophelia pointed at Cecelia, and Sean only saw a back, but he didn't recognize who it was. He walked over with Ophelia in his arms and shouted, "Who are you? You bullied my girlfriend! Are you out of your mind?"

When Cecelia turned around, Sean was stunned. "Cecelia, is that you?"

When Sean saw Cecelia, he was shocked and angry. He had heard from Ophelia that what happened to them at their birthday party was all caused by Cecelia.

On that day, Sean was the most miserable one and almost lost his life.

Now seeing the chief culprit, he was so angry!

"Cecelia, why did you do that on that day? Why did you trick me?"

Hearing the man's shouting, Cecelia said with a cold smile, "Mr. Gusto said when? What did I do to you?"

"Don't you remember? The Celestial Hotel..." He was too embarrassed to mention what happened at that time.

"Oh, it's said on the news that Mr. Gusto encountered an explosion in the Celestial Hotel's toilet that day. You fought with the filthy stuff for 12 hours and was sent to the hospital in the end, right?"

After saying that, Cecelia covered her mouth and nose with her fingers, as if she smelt a bad smell.

Sean felt disgusted. He thought there was still a smell on his body. "Come on, don't mention it. Tell me why you bullied Ollie and why you beat her?"

"I want to go back to the Linsey Group. She doesn't allow me to go in!" Cecelia explained.

Sean snorted, "Do you think you can join the Linsey Group now? The trouble you have caused outside hasn't been settled yet. Do you think that you can come to the Linsey Group to seek refuge? As Mr. Linsey has said, you should solve the problem by yourself. Don't expect that the Linsey Group will help you solve it!"

"I don't need the Linsey family to help me deal with it, but I don't want to hear you barking here either! The Linsey Group used to be the Done group. I can enter if I want. No one can stop me!"

Cecelia hated Sean. If it weren't for his sweet words, she wouldn't have been deceived by him to give away the shares of the Done Group.

When her mother needed money for treatment, Sean kicked Cecelia away. Later, this shameless couple even wanted to kill her together.

She would make them pay for that!

"Get out of my way!"

Cecelia had lost her temper. Verda immediately pushed Sean and others aside and stood out to protect Cecelia with the bodyguards.

Cecelia strode into the company. Seeing her like this, Ophelia said anxiously, "Sean, what should we do? She must come here to sabotage the contract signing ceremony. We can't let her ruin it! Hurry up and ask someone to stop her!"

"Call Mr. Linsey and inform him to be on guard. Everyone else, get ready for welcome!"


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