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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Nothing Stops Mr. Nelson

"Is that so? However, the designs you claimed to have created are almost identical to a sample from one of our company's designers.

"I don't care who copied whom. I hope you can think about the original intention behind your designs. Don't let yourself be used as a pawn and not even realize it!"

Cecelia stopped talking after a brief exchange, giving some face to Sam Cosby.

Sam greeted Cecelia, then took his sister away. After getting some distance, he asked, "What happened just now? Did your design sketches have a problem? Did you copy something?"

"I didn't, Sam! No way! Don't listen to her nonsense!"

While Fiona denied any wrongdoing, she couldn't help but have doubts in her mind. She remembered that the design samples were from Petunia. Could it be that Petunia didn't draw them?

How did the designs end up so similar to the Tangerine Group's?


in the Peony Hall.

More guests continued to arrive, including Jimmy Bloom, who entered with a low profile, wearing a hat and a mask. He came with Stanley Wade.

Jimmy's demeanor wasn't particularly downcast, but due to the recent rumors, he had not planned to attend the event. It was Stanley that convinced him to come out for some relaxation.

Upon seeing Cecelia, Jimmy handed her a bouquet, saying, "Congratulations, Cecelia!"

Stanley also directed his gaze at Cecelia and extended his congratulations, saying, "Miss Linsey, congratulations on the great success of the Tangerine Group!"

"Thank you, thank you for coming. Please, come in!"

Cecelia welcomed them inside.

No one could see the dark side hidden behind Stanley's smile. Using the opportunity of Jimmy's incident, Stanley managed to smoothly integrate into Jimmy's circle of acquaintances.

Cecelia was his target, and besides her, he planned to silently seize all of Jimmy's connections.

As the celebration was about to begin, Cecelia looked around and didn't spot Remington. Had he not arrived yet? Or had something happened to him?

Feeling concerned, she was about to contact him when she noticed a tall figure at the entrance holding a bouquet.

At first glance, she thought it was Remington, but as the person approached and moved the bouquet aside, she could see his face.

Someone recognized him!

"Mr. Bowman, the President of the Bowman Group, is here!"

"Mr. Bowman is here to show support as well!"

Many guests turned their attention to him, and who wouldn't envy Cecelia? She always attracted a large number of outstanding industry leaders to her side.

Was this the rumored magnetic charm?

"Jersey? Why are you here?"

Cecelia was frustrated. She wished this man would stay in the hospital and not come out.

"You're hosting an event, so of course, I have to come to support you! These flowers are for you!"

"Thank you. You should be resting."

Cecelia accepted the flowers, but she also reminded him.

"Thank you for your concern. You go on with your event. Don't worry about me. I'll take care of myself."

Jersey had already figured it out. Regardless of whom Cecelia married, his love for her was his own business. She didn't have to reciprocate, and he would continue to support, protect, and love her.

Just then, there was a commotion at the entrance. Everyone turned to see a person in a large Teddy Bear costume entering.

The Teddy Bear was pushing a cart filled with flowers, balloons, and a multi-tiered cake with a "celebration" message written on it.

When Teddy Bear pushed the cake cart in front of Cecelia, Cynthia and Ariella gathered around.

"Wow, what a beautiful cake!"


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