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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The New Mrs. Nelson Was So Brave

No matter what Cecelia said, Andres didn't get out of the cave, so Cecelia had to pretend to leave.

"Andres, I know you hate me, and you can't accept me. If you don't want to see me, I'm leaving. Bye!"

When Andres heard the footsteps fade away in the rockery, he began to panic and hurried out of the cave.

He ran to the path outside and looked around anxiously and desperately, shaking and sadly.

He thought his mother had really left.

In fact, he didn't want her to leave.

He wanted his mother to come back.

Tears flooded down his face, and he couldn't wipe them away with his sleeves no matter how he tried.

He missed his mother.


Suddenly, Cecelia's voice came from behind. Upon hearing that, Andres turned around and opened his tearful eyes when he found that his mother was still there.

He didn't know how to describe his feelings at the moment. A wave of anguish flooded over him.

He still had a nosebleed, which stained his chin and clothes.

Andres thought he was terrible. He didn't want his mother to see his sorry state because he was afraid that his mother would dislike him because of it.

He really wanted to wipe the blood away, but he just bled more and more.

Cecelia felt so sorry for her son that she rushed to him and gave him a hug.

"Andres, my sweetheart."

She didn't think he was dirty at all.

She held her son tightly, as if she had found the most precious treasure in the world.

Andres didn't push her away. Nor did he give any response. He just stood there, letting the woman hold him in her arms.

"Does it hurt?"

Cecelia let go of him and looked at his dirty and bloody face. She wiped his tears and nosebleed with a handkerchief.

Andres shook his head. "This kind of pain is no big deal. I'm a man, and I'm not afraid of pain," said the boy inwardly.

In order to help the boy stop the bleeding, Cecelia found soft grasses in the garden, rubbed them, and put them into his nose.

Andres kept staring at his mother with his big eyes. Although she was a completely strange woman, she looked as nice, gentle, and beautiful as the mother he had imagined.

Mommy's hand brushed past his face. Her hand was so soft. It felt so happy to be held by his mother.

Andres wondered if his mother was really back.

"All right, sweetie. Let me take you back and help you take a shower, okay?"

Andres didn't treat her coldly anymore, which meant that he had accepted her. Cecelia picked him up and walked towards the Aroma Villa.

The servants at the door were all surprised to see Cecelia come back with Andres in her arms. After all, it was known to all that Andres was quite arrogant, although he was a little boy.

"Normally, the boy doesn't allow anyone to touch him. How would he let Miss Linsey, who has just come for less than an hour, hold him in her arms? It's so unbelievable."

A maid called Florence walked up and asked, "Miss Linsey, what's wrong with Young Master Andres? Why is he bleeding so much?"

"He has a nosebleed. Get some clean clothes ready. I want to help him take a shower," said Cecelia.


Florence took them upstairs. As soon as they reached the second floor, they heard a smashing sound from the master bedroom, and a servant ran out of the room with her hands on her head while screaming.

When the servant saw Cecelia, she grabbed Cecelia's hand for help. "Miss Linsey, go and have a look! Mr. Nelson flew into a rage again."


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