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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Blew Her Cover

Noticing something amiss, Florence rushed back to the villa and asked Remington for help.

Remington, who was lying on the bed, also heard the noise outside, but unfortunately, he couldn't move. Just as he was feeling anxious, Florence came in and reported, "Bad news, Mr. Nelson. Madam Maria is going to hit Miss Linsey. What should we do?"

After listening to Florence's brief explanation, Remington roughly understood that Cecelia had offended Maria in order to protect his son.

Thinking of what Cecelia had said to humiliate him and the slap she had just given him, Remington had intended to stay out of it, but in the end, he still asked Florence to tell Gabriella and ask Gabriella to deal with it.

Florence went to make a phone call. Remington wanted to get up, but he couldn't move his legs or see anything, no different from a disabled person.

He was so angry that he thumped the bed. He felt like in a living hell now that he couldn't even take a single step.

He couldn't even protect his son.

Several bodyguards brought by Maria rushed up to Cecelia outside the villa. Cecelia kicked them one by one without even blinking.

Soon, she defeated all the bodyguards and remained unharmed.

Maria's face changed dramatically when she looked at the bodyguards, who were groaning in pain on the ground. "Damn it! I didn't expect this fake to be so good at fighting," thought Maria to herself.

Maria yelled, "You bitch! Just wait and see! I'll teach you what it means to mess with me."

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Cecelia sneered.

Maria had no choice but to run away with her daughter-in-law and her bodyguards. They were going to tell Gabriella and ask Gabriella to drive Cecelia out.

After they left, Cecelia turned around and saw Andres who was staring at her with glittering eyes in the villa.

"Andres, do you think I'm awesome? Do you want to learn from me? If someone bullies you in the future, you can beat them up as I did."

Andres nodded seriously. Of course, he wanted to learn. He wanted to be stronger so that others wouldn't dare to bully him.

"Before you learn the skills, you must eat on time. Only when you are strong enough can you learn the skills."

Cecelia picked up her son, walked into the villa, and said, "Shall I cook for you now?"

She touched Andres's nose. Andres stared at her and his feelings for her changed a little.

"It feels quite good to have a mother," thought Andres.

After putting Andres in the living room, Cecelia rolled up her sleeves and went to the kitchen to cook for the child.

Just when Cecelia was done cutting some vegetables, Florence hurried in and said, "Bad news, Miss Linsey. Madam Nelson asked you to meet her right now."

Hearing that, Cecelia threw the vegetables into a basket and said, "All right. Let's go."

Cecelia picked up Andres and followed Florence to the main hall of the Nelson family.

There were many people in the main hall, including the mighty Gabriella, the elegant Renee, the domineering Maria, and many other people like Lydia.

Cecelia, together with Andres and Florence, walked up to the crowd. Florence introduced Cecelia and said, "Madam Nelson, Madam Renee, Madam Maria, Miss Linsey is here."

Renee looked at Cecelia and said in surprise, "What? She is really not Ophelia, the daughter of the Linsey family."


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