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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 96

Chapter 96 His Dream Girl Finally Appeared


Remington felt a bit uneasy when Cecelia suddenly appeared.

He asked Fredric to do his work first. Fredric took the hint and went to the bathroom to get Cecelia's hair.

Before confirming her identity, Remington didn't want to look at Cecelia, afraid of falling for her, so he quickly put on his sunglasses.

"You want to divorce me, don't you? I just heard it!"

Cecelia wasn't a stubborn woman who liked to pester others, and she could agree to his request.

"If you feel that you have almost recovered, then yes, we can go and sign the divorce papers tomorrow."

Hearing her agree so readily, Remington thought that she must also be looking forward to getting divorced and seeing a younger man.

For some reason, it made him feel upset.

"I didn't say that I wanted to get divorced tomorrow. Although my legs have healed, my eyes haven't."

Remington wouldn't decide whether to get divorced or not before he got the test result tomorrow.

In order to distract Cecelia, he added, "Why don't you go make dinner? I'm hungry!"

"Okay. Just wait!"

Cecelia went to the kitchen to help prepare dinner for him.

After a while, Fredric came out of the room. Remington heard his footsteps and asked, "How did it go? Did you find it?"

"Yes, Mr. Nelson. I've found it and I'm going to see Mr. Andres right away."

Fredric left, and Remington's heart began to race with a mix of nervousness, anticipation, and a bit of worry.

"Is Cecelia really Lilian?" he wondered.

He really wanted to find it out as soon as possible.

Before dinner was ready, a suave and elegant man walked in from outside.

He walked into the Aroma Villa and upon seeing Remington in the living room, he exclaimed, "Hi, Remington!"

Hearing that, Remington was taken aback, and his eyebrows slightly furrowed.


"Yes, Remington. I've returned from studying abroad." Samson came to Remington, sat down, and held his hand, saying, "I'm sorry. I should have come back to see you earlier."

Remington withdrew his hand, his face cold as he said, "You should have come back earlier to see if I was dead or not, right? If I had died, you would be benefited."

Samson knew that Remington still couldn't accept him, and he didn't force it.

But Samson explained sincerely, "Remington, whether you believe it or not, I have never wished for anything bad to happen to you. When I heard about your accident abroad, I was also very sad. Now that you've recovered, I'm really happy for you. Trust me, please. I've never wanted to compete with you for anything. I won't covet anything that belongs to the Nelson family. You can rest assured of that."

"Hmph! It seems like you've grown up a lot."

Remington snorted coldly. What Samson said sounded really nice, but Remington knew what kind of person Sam's mother was.

If Samson's mother Renee hadn't hooked up with Remington's father and ruined Remington's family, Samson and his sister Sabrina would never be able to become a part of the Nelson family.

Remington wouldn't believe whatever Samson said. After all, it was hard to read people's minds, and they were not real brothers.

Remington wasn't sure what Samson was really up to.


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