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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Fish Eyes

A few people sat around a round table.

The food was exquisite, with a variety of colors, flavors, and aromas, served in delicate china tableware, each item exuding luxury.

Aiden couldn't care less whether there were hallucinogens in the food. He was eager to indulge in the feast.

Mia laughed at him. "Now aren't you afraid that this black-hearted restaurant will steal your bank card password?"

"I don't care!" Aiden muttered, "There isn't much money in my bank card anyway. It's nothing compared to the cost of this meal! I won't suffer a loss!"

"Oh, Dr. Johnson, you're so clever."

"You're not bad either!" Aiden smirked. "You're eating more than me!"

Mia almost hit him on the head with her fork.

Stella and Liam looked at each other and smiled, their eyes filled with sweetness.

"Everyone, all the dishes are served." The restaurant manager brought a pot of fish soup to each person.

"This is mandarin fish, a type of fish found only in the streams below Evergreen Mountain. The meat is delicious, rich but not greasy. It's perfect for stewing soup."

Everyone uncovered their soup bowls.

Sure enough, a fragrant aroma wafted out. The mandarin fish was stewed to perfection, and the peach blossom petals added a touch of romance.

Stella habitually served Liam the fish eyes.

It was like this when she was young. When her mother was clear-headed, she would cook fish for her and Samuel. When a fish was served on the table, her mother would give her and Samuel each one fish eye.

Her mother said fish eyes were good for the eyes, the most precious part of the fish.

The most precious things should be given to the most beloved people.

Stella smiled lightly as she looked at Liam.

Mia smirked and instantly said with envy, "Ah, someone treats her husband like the apple of her eye. They are truly a match made in heaven, deeply in love. I envy them so much!"

"Don't be so jealous!" Aiden teased her. "Don't you also have fish? If you want to eat fish eyes, just dig them out yourself!"

"Is it the same when it's given by yourself or by someone else?"

Stella blushed suddenly and lowered her head slightly.

Liam smiled. He had never felt so proud in his life.

Aiden took the opportunity to give Mia the fish eyes from his plate before starting to eat.


"Alright." He looked at her gently. "Now you have them too, right?"

Mia lowered her head and remained silent, but she couldn't stop smiling.


Stella booked three rooms.

She had originally planned to go back to the room to rest with Liam after dinner, but Mia quietly grabbed her, looking somewhat embarrassed.

Stella thought for a moment. Mia and Aiden hadn't confessed to each other yet, so being alone together might be uncomfortable for them. Besides, even if they got along well alone, if they were to act impulsively and end up in the same room...

Things were developing too fast.

Stella smiled and asked Liam to go back first, while she stayed to chat with Mia for a while.

So she accompanied Mia into the room.

Mia finally breathed a sigh of relief and showed a relieved smile.

"Do you have to be so nervous?" Stella said teasingly, "Dr. Johnson is a gentleman. He will never do anything inappropriate to you!"

"What are you talking about?" Mia laughed. "I just don't want to go back to my room alone and want you to accompany me. But to avoid Liam holding a grudge against me, I should let you go back early!"

"I'm not going back tonight." Stella changed into her pajamas directly, lifted the covers, and jumped onto the bed. "Can we be like we were in college?"

"Mrs. Anderson, that won't do! What if your husband barges in and wants to kill me? What should I do?"


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