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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Sleep Alone 

"I'm fine." Mia sniffled and forced a smile, patting her hand. 

"Mia." Stella paused for a moment, wanting to say something but hesitated. She just said softly, "Well, rest early. If there's anything bothering you, don't keep it to yourself. You can always talk to me about anything." 

"But if you don't want to talk about it, I won't ask." 

"Stella, I..." Mia hesitated. 

After a while, she said in a low voice, "I feel like I'm not good enough for Aiden." 


"I'm not worthy of him." She bit her lip. "I... I once slept with the man I told you about before..." 

Although she didn't continue, Stella understood what had happened. 

She was surprised because Mia had always been cheerful and outgoing. Although she could be a bit fierce at times, she was not someone who was casual about relationships. 

If a woman didn't love that man to death, why would she easily give herself to him? 

Stella's heart tightened as she touched Mia's fingers and gently squeezed them twice. 

"Mia, you're overthinking." She said softly, "There's nothing shameful about your past. You genuinely liked that person, and I believe that you were determined to spend your life with him at that time, which was why you gave yourself to him." 

"So if there hadn't been any accidents back then, you would have still been together, right?" 

Mia remained silent, not saying a word. 

"Mia, I understand why you can't accept Dr. Johnson. It's not because you think you are not good enough for him, but because there is already someone." 

"Stella..." Mia's voice choked. 

Stella moved closer, embracing Mia's trembling body like a mother comforting a baby, gently patting her back. 

"Actually, I don't think it's a big deal." She said, "It's normal for people to have a past. Besides, it's a different era now. People should be used to these things. I believe that Aiden won't care about this." 

"Really?" Mia chuckled, finding it hard to believe that these words were coming from Stella. 

"Of course." Stella continued, "As Liam said, it's no longer the feudal era. A woman's virginity is not that important." 

"You believe everything he says..." Mia sighed and adjusted her posture, resting her head on her arm. 

"Be careful! I think he has a serious case of male chauvinism. He might say one thing but think another! Is a woman's virginity not important? That's empty talk! Ha, it's just because you've never been in a relationship and haven't been with men before! If you were to tell him that you had a first love, do you think he would be so calm?" 

"Alas!" Stella was helpless. "Did you forget about the curse you made?" 

"This doesn't count as badmouthing." Mia laughed. "I'm just expressing my immature opinion about Liam! If you don't want to hear it, I won't say it." 

Stella pinched her hard. 

The two of them laughed and joked for a while before sleepiness overcame them, and they gradually fell into a deep slumber. 

In Stella's dream, there were colorful bubbles and a large heart-shaped knot. She saw Liam smiling at her. She ran towards him quickly, but just as she was about to hold his hand, the scene suddenly turned black and white! 

Liam disappeared. A gale was blowing, and it was pouring. The whole world seemed like a giant black hole about to devour her. When she looked down, the red string on her wrist had turned into a hideous wound, oozing blood... 

"Ah!" Stella exclaimed in a low voice, waking up covered in sweat. 

She calmed herself down and saw Mia sleeping soundly beside her. 

It was just a dream. 

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart. Seeing the faint morning light outside, she couldn't fall back asleep, so she put on a coat and walked out of the inn. 

Stella wandered along the hillside. The tranquility of this early morning felt like a paradise, gradually relieving the tension caused by her nightmare. 


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