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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Henpecked

Noah quietly looked at her.

Stella suddenly sensed a hint of complexity in his deep eyes. Her heart pounded, her palms sweated, and her lips were pursed into a thin line.

After a long while, she finally heard his deep and slow voice.

"I searched for this shop for a long time and negotiated with the landlord several times before renting it and renovating it like this."

Stella was slightly taken aback.

"You said you wanted to open a cafe." His expression was gentle, and his rough fingers gently caressed her face. "I always kept it in mind."

"So I compared several shops during my free time and finally chose this one. It's because I felt that it meets your requirements."

"Honey." His voice was low and filled with indulgence. "I may not have any other abilities, but whatever you want, I will do everything I can and spare no effort to help you achieve it."

Stella's heart trembled, and she tightly held his hand.

"This must have cost a lot of money, right?"

"Yes, quite a bit." If he said it was little, she wouldn't believe him, so he decided to exaggerate a bit. "The prize money from the previous two competitions, as well as my salary and business profits during this period is just barely enough."

Stella actually felt a bit distressed.

She knew that he earned a lot of money from each competition, but it was all earned through his sweat and hard work. The reason why she didn't want his salary card was that she didn't want to squander his hard-earned money.

She wanted him to treat himself better, buy whatever he wanted, and spend it freely.

She just didn't want him to save it all.

But she didn't expect him to spend it all, and in the end, he spent it all on her.

"I told you to save the money!" She looked at him somewhat reproachfully.

"I saved it for you." He smiled. "Fortunately, it fulfilled your wish, so it was worth it."

"I have so many wishes!" She pouted. "Can you help me fulfill each one?"

"I definitely can."

He hugged her tightly, letting her head rest against his chest.

Stella's smile was as warm as the sun. She could hear his strong heartbeat but couldn't sense the faint fear surging in his heart.

She didn't know that all he wanted to do now was to do everything better for her. In that case, when his true identity was revealed one day, perhaps she wouldn't be able to leave him.

Noah led her to the back of the bar counter and selected light-roasted coffee beans, putting them into the coffee machine.

"Let me be your first customer today." He raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Give me a glass of iced Americano."

Stella smiled and agreed, skillfully making the coffee.

Outside, dusk gradually fell, and the plane trees at the door swayed gently in the breeze. The aroma of coffee filled the room as Stella leaned against Noah, looking at the distant sky with a faint smile on her lips.

It seemed like she was walking into her colorful dream step by step.


On the weekend, the cafe held a small opening ceremony.

Stella and Noah had been struggling with the cafe's name for several days before finally deciding to draw inspiration from their surroundings.

It would be called Purple Iris.

Coincidentally, the courtyard was filled with this kind of flower, and the flower language of the purple iris symbolized abundant happiness and love.

The weather was clear that day, with fluffy white clouds drifting across the deep blue sky like cotton candy. All around, there were vibrant and dazzling colors of summer.

Audrey was the first to arrive with a gift. Even before entering the door, she was already shouting about wanting to drink coffee and eat desserts and also wanted to pack some as a midnight snack.

However, as soon as she saw Noah's serious face, she immediately froze like a mouse seeing a cat, standing still at the door.

"What's wrong?" Stella pulled Noah and said with a chuckle, "By the way, you didn't meet Miss Martinez before, right? Let me introduce you!"

Noah was pulled by her to stand in front of Audrey.


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