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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 111

Chapter 111 A Good Husband 

Noah responded silently, mouthing, "You are asking for trouble." 

Audrey burst into laughter, savoring cranberry cookies heartily. 

Cookie crumbs were scattered all over the place. 

Stella had headed to the garden to tend to the flowers while Noah approached his sister, his expression quite serious. 

"Clean up the floor after you're finished eating!" 

Audrey was startled by this sudden command. 

She gulped down the mouthful of food. Despite her reluctance, she complied with her brother's directive and took the broom from his hand, cleaning up her mess slowly. 

"Noah, you've really come a long way." She playfully teased as she swept the floor. "Have you now mastered all the qualities of the perfect man and an ideal husband?" 

Noah cast a sidelong glance at her. 

Smiling, she covertly stashed the remaining cookies in a bag after tidying up the mess. 

"Who are you planning to give those to?" he asked suddenly. 

Audrey was caught off guard, clutching the edge of the bag tightly with her petite hand. 

Oh, no, he's onto me. Since when did he become so perceptive? It seems like I can't hide anything from him. 


She desperately tried to concoct a white lie, but Noah saw right through her and interjected, "Surely, you're not planning to eat them all yourself!" 

After a brief moment of hesitation, Audrey relented with a forced smile and admitted. "I'm taking some for Horace to try." 

Horace Hand? Why is it him again? 

His gaze took on a subtle chill, and a trace of doubt crossed his brows. 

During her visit to the hospital the last time, she had casually mentioned that Horace had accompanied her to Eldoria. 

At that moment, the name Horace Hand meant nothing to Noah in connection to the Martinez family. 

Upon closer thought, Noah remembered that Horace's grandfather had been a laborer working in the Martinez estate for an extended period. These laborers usually undertook cleaning and other maintenance duties, hardly ever crossing paths with him. 

Even so, Noah could not help but wonder how this person had become so significant to Audrey. 

He remained composed and indifferently asked, "Hasn't he gone back yet?" 

"Of course not! How can he leave me all alone in Eldoria without any worries?" 

"He... worries about you?" 

"Well... yes!" Audrey looked somewhat embarrassed. "He initially came to... protect me." 

"Out of all the bodyguards you could have had on your trip, you chose a lawnmower?" 


"Audrey!" Noah's expression turned serious. "You need to set boundaries and keep your distance from Horace!" 


"Because you might get hurt." He stressed each word. "He's not the right match for you, so you should stay away from him." 

"Are you implying he has a humble background?" Audrey pouted. "And what about you and Stella? You've been living discreetly in Eldoria, concealing your true identity and being a good husband. Yet, you have the nerve to lecture me-" 

"I'm not like you!" Noah was furious, and his voice turned hoarse as he roared his response. 

She always seemed to know exactly where to hit him, mentioning the things he least wanted to hear. 

He suspected she was doing it on purpose! 


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