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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Noah's Smile

Oliver squinted hard, shaking his head vigorously.

Is it just my imagination? That scavenger...

Although their eye contact was brief, the contours of their eyes and eyebrows were an exact match to Noah's!

"Oliver? Oliver!" Caleb's voice sounded from the other end of the line. "Did you fall into the water or something?"

Oliver did not respond and had forgotten to hang up the phone. He blankly chased after the scavenger, who noticed the pursuit and quickened their pace.

The scavenger appeared well-acquainted with the area, navigating the winding mountain paths effortlessly and eventually vanishing from Oliver's sight.

Oliver remained rooted to the spot, feeling a numbing sensation throughout his body, with his hands and feet turning ice-cold.

The hot spring inn was located not far from Evergreen Mountain on the opposite side. However, the area in between was a public zone, not under the influence of the Martinez family.

Just a little while ago, he had been fishing in this area without any of his bodyguards present. Now, it seemed impossible to catch up, even if he wanted to chase after the scavenger.

The scavenger who had been rummaging through the trash bins had vanished completely...

"Hey!" Caleb whispered into the phone, one hand muffling the receiver. "Oliver, what's happening there?"

"I-It's nothing." Finally regaining his composure, Oliver took a deep breath and replied, "I have something important to take care of right now, so I'll have to hang up!"

Caleb raised an eyebrow, puzzled by what could be more important to Oliver than chasing after women. He assumed that Oliver might have caught sight of an exceptionally beautiful woman earlier.

Upon Oliver's return to the inn, he immediately called forth his subordinates.

"The local security seems a bit lax. Have any of you spotted any suspicious individuals?"

His subordinates shared glances, momentarily perplexed, before shaking their heads in unison.

However, one of them stepped forward and inquired, "Mr. Wilson, are you referring to the area that's not controlled by the Martinez family?"

Oliver slapped his thigh. "Yes!"

"We haven't closely monitored that specific zone, but..."

"Just tell me what you know!"

The subordinate hesitated, licking his lips before continuing, "There have been reports of a recently released ex-convict frequenting this area. He's unemployed, resorts to scavenging for survival, and has unsettled a few beachgoers."

Oliver narrowed his eyes, his skepticism growing.

"Get on the surveillance immediately," he commanded with a deep voice. "Retrieve footage from every corner, and leave no stone unturned!"


The sunlight was bright, and the charming coffee shop buzzed with activity.

Stella worked behind the bar, expertly crafting coffee and desserts while her friends chatted and laughed. The delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, and a profound sense of contentment enveloped her.

A large, gentle hand came to rest on her shoulder, and when she turned around, she was met with affectionate and deep eyes.

"Feeling tired?" Noah teased. "You can take a break. I'll handle things for a while."

"No need." She shook her head. "I'm actually happier when I'm busy!"

He now had a hair tie on his wrist; he positioned himself behind Stella, gently gathering her unruly hair.

"By the way, there's something you need to learn." She glanced at him. "When I'm working, you'll have to manage the shop. Making coffee and tea is one thing, but the most important thing... you can't always wear that serious expression. You need to learn to smile. Otherwise, you might scare the customers away!"

Noah did not have much of a choice in this matter.

He could smile for her, but extending that to others was more challenging.

"Alright," Stella urged with a playful nudge. "Go chat with our customers and try flashing them a smile. It's good practice!"

He stayed silent.

"Darling! Are you even listening to me?"


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