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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Inexplicable Distress

Mia could not bear to see Ava making things difficult for Stella in the company. Hence, she took Stella out to go about soliciting business deals. She also introduced her customers to Stella.

In addition, she also taught Stella a lot of techniques for negotiating business deals.

"Keep this in mind. We can't get a business deal just by negotiating once. You may need to negotiate it ten or eight times to get an order. This is normal."

Stella nodded lightly.

"You must try to build a rapport with the customers. Once they're close with you, probably they will let you handle their orders."

"Hmm, I'm aware of that."

"The most important thing is..." Mia smiled and said, "You have to be shameless and put your dignity aside if you're doing sales. You can only earn money this way. Do you get me?"

Stella's large beautiful eyes were smiley. At that time, the screen showed the number for them to take their orders. Hence, she immediately went to the counter to take their food.

Their lunch was extremely simple fast food. Mia noticed that Stella's order was the cheapest vegetarian food. Hence, she inevitably asked, "Is that enough for you?"

"Yes." Stella chuckled and said, "I don't eat much. This set is enough for me."

"No, this won't do! You need the energy to run around and get orders. Look at how slim you are. This..." While talking, Mia reacted. "Did your husband take all your money?"

Stella was about to explain when Liam texted her.

After she read the text, she was quiet. Seeing her bad expression, Mia snatched her phone. She soon erupted in anger.

"Who the hell does he think he is?" Mia became furious. "He... Does he go shopping? He even takes a fancy to a belt that costs more than 400 dollars?"

"Mia, keep your voice down!" Stella immediately stopped Mia.

Liam did become peculiar recently. He tried different things and enjoyed rather a great life every day. One day, she called him on the spur of the moment while she was working. She asked him what he was doing. Surprisingly, he said, "I'm having high tea."

So, she asked him where he was having his high tea.

After that, he sent her a photo. It turned out that he was at Luxury Hotel.


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