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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Isn't Your Husband the Best?

"Mia, you don't know that..." Stella chuckled. "He's very nice to me..."

"Nice?" Mia raised her brows and showed disapproval.

On the second day after their wedding, Stella went to a store to get a refund for the wedding dress. But the salesperson humiliated her. Hence, Liam bought the most expensive wedding dress for her in a fit of anger and asked the salesperson to kneel and get her body measurement. Mia had once heard Stella mention that.

At that time, she felt that Liam was a very unreliable, vain, and irritable man who cared too much about his dignity.

The most important thing was that he used Stella's savings to enjoy a great life.

"Stella, you're too naive and don't know much about marriage if you think he's nice to you just by how he stood up for you in the wedding store and gave you his family treasure."

"Both parties have to work hard together for their marriage. You can't work alone while he does nothing and enjoys life by spending the money you earn."

Mia became angry since Stella let her down. She then poked the latter's head once.

Stella was a virtuous woman, but she was too honest.

She would remember it forever even if others bestowed a bit of kindness on her, and she would try her best to repay that kindness for the rest of her life.

Liam was a gangster who frequented prisons. Hence, he would find it very easy to fool a naive and pure woman like Stella.

"He's a man, but he doesn't work at all. He just spends his wife's money. Can he still be considered a man?"


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