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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Eat More

She put on a piece of clothing and stepped out into the courtyard, where she saw Liam practicing.

Stripped to the waist, he was lifting dumbbells alternately with his hands. His abs were illuminated by the morning light, and he looked like Apollo descending to Earth. Stella's face burned a little, and she softly greeted him. "Good morning!"

Liam turned and took a glance at her.

Stella looked around the courtyard. It was small and cluttered, with sandbags, boxing gloves, baseball bats, and dumbbells placed haphazardly. Her heart tightened. Whether or not the rumors were true, Liam must have had his fair share of fights.

She wondered about his temper.

She had heard that men here were very macho and that it was common for them to beat their wives when drunk.

Stella bit her lip and took small steps forward, holding her breath as she asked him, "Have you had breakfast yet?"

"No," the man replied indifferently. "Go ahead and make it."

Stella nodded and ran into the kitchen.

She worked quickly and soon had a pot of millet porridge, fried egg cakes, and a plate of sauced beef ready. She pushed them toward Liam.

Liam looked up and met her smiling eyes. At that moment, his heart stirred, prompting him to grab a piece of beef and set it on her plate.

Stella was stunned and just wanted to push it back when she heard the man's low voice. "You're so thin. You should eat more."


She pursed her lips. In fact, she had a lot to talk to Liam about. For example, she wanted to apologize for what had happened last night. It was a normal thing for newlyweds, but she had acted as if he were forcing her.

She also wanted to ask him about his plans for the future. They were a couple now, and their life together should have a direction.


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