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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Kneel to Take Her Measurements

"I washed it!" Stella said hurriedly. "I can assure you it's clean and tidy."

"Heh, washed?" The clerk sneered. "Miss, you were only renting it for one day. Why did you need to wash it? You were renting it for your wedding, not for farming, right?"

Stella blushed, embarrassed by the clerk's words.

Her wedding day had turned out to be as challenging as tilling the fields. She had braved the rain, trudging along muddy country roads, staining her pristine white wedding gown and shoes, and wearing out her feet.

The clerk fiddled with the hem of her wedding dress, occasionally casting disgusted glances at her.

"Miss, even if this wedding dress needs to be washed, it has to be dry cleaned!" the clerk said. "You know what dry cleaning means, right?"

The clerk saw that Stella was gullible and deliberately mocked her. "Alas, since we opened this store, wedding dresses have been selling out one by one. Renting one is a first for us... Heh, if you can't afford to buy a wedding dress, why are you even married?"

"Who says people can't get married without buying a wedding dress? Is it in the law?"

Suddenly, a biting voice rang out. Stella froze and turned around to see Liam striding in from the door. His eyebrows were furrowed, and his whole body emitted an awful aura.

He walked over to Stella's side and naturally wrapped his arm around her shoulder. With a cold laugh, he looked at the clerk and said, "Your business scope includes wedding dress rental. It's on the signboard. Do you think everyone's blind?"

"You..." the clerk started to say.

"Besides," Liam continued, "I see that your wedding dresses here are average in style and not of superior quality. There's no need to buy one!"

The clerk rolled her eyes at them. "If you can't afford it, just say so! And don't pick at our flaws... Heh, we have designer customized products in the store."

Liam arched his eyebrows as his gaze fell upon the wedding dress adorning the mannequin at the heart of the lobby. The dress boasted an elegant fishtail design, destined to accentuate the wearer's curves. Delicately embroidered with hints of gold, it shimmered with broken diamonds intricately embedded across the bodice.

The design was indeed more outstanding, but still not comparable to the good things he had seen before.

"You can stop looking at it!" The clerk mocked her coldly. "You can't afford it anyway. Miss, I really feel sorry for you. You're so beautiful, but you have married the wrong man. What a waste of your appearance!"

"It's not your place as an outsider to talk about me and my husband's business!" Stella said aggressively.

Liam was stunned. This little woman had always been meek, but now she was arguing with someone.

Stella took a step forward and glared at the clerk. "I can take the wedding dress to the dry cleaners and send it back afterward. But you must apologize to my husband for what you just said."

"What?" The clerk was taken aback.


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