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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 The First Time

Liam's breath hitched, and he abruptly pulled her into his embrace.

Stella's slender waist fit perfectly in his grasp as his hand effortlessly encircled it while his other hand delicately lifted her chin.

He gazed into her clear eyes, and her pale pink lips parted slightly like a silent invitation.

He felt a fire igniting within him, one that spread to a place he dare not mention.

Avoiding his intense gaze, she felt her cheeks flush while her breath quicken. Sensing the warmth of his chest, the strong thump of his heartbeat, and his undeniable masculinity, she felt her body grow weak. However, just as their lips were about to meet, she gently pushed him away.

"Stop..." She smiled shyly. "I need to cook."

Liam paused, a hint of darkness flickering in the depths of his profound gaze.

"Save it for tonight..." Stella's voice was soft and feeble as she struggled to muster the words. After uttering them, her face immediately flushed with embarrassment.

"You don't have to sleep on the couch tonight. It's uncomfortable. Come sleep in the bedroom with me."

He froze for a moment.

This is perhaps the boldest thing she has ever said...

Suppressing his smile, Liam gently brushed his thumb against her reddened earlobe and responded in a hoarse voice, "Okay."

After dinner, he went straight into the bathroom.

Usually, he only took about ten minutes to shower, but this time he spent nearly an hour inside. Stella prepared some fruit and watched TV for a while, but he did not come out. She could only occasionally hear the sound of rushing water.

Her cheeks grew warm, and she entered the room to change into her nightgown. Nervously, she sat at the edge of the bed.

Her two petite hands fidgeted anxiously, unsure of where to place them.

She wondered how Liam would treat her. He was tall and sturdy, with strong muscles and more strength than an average person.

Pursing her lips to chuckle, Stella felt embarrassed by her thoughts. She wished she could bury her head into her chest.

Just then, the sound of running water abruptly ceased in the bathroom. She was taken aback and tightly gripped the corner of her nightgown.

As his footsteps drew nearer, her heart raced, and her two petite feet intertwined nervously with a mix of anticipation.

Stella had only read about the portrayal of first wedding nights in novels before. Even during her teenage years, she yearned for those enchanting scenes, imagining a night she would treasure for a lifetime with her beloved.

Although it was not their first wedding night, this would be her first time sharing such an intimate experience with Liam...

Stella could not help but smile sweetly.

She hoped that everything would unfold as beautifully as described in the novels and that she could cherish the memories for a lifetime.

However, an urgent doorbell rang out at that very moment.

Startled, she was even more taken aback when she answered the door. Standing outside was Samuel, his face covered in injuries, his appearance disheveled. As soon as he saw her, he burst into tears.

"What happened?" Stella hurriedly pulled him inside. "Did you get into a fight with someone?"


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