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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 36

Chapter 36 This Bed Is Big Enough for Both of You to Sleep 

When he was sixteen, Liam had already enrolled in Wharton, one of the top three business schools in the world, and he was the heir of whom the Martinez family had great expectations.  

Had it not been for the subsequent scheming against him, resulting in the plane crash, he would have already ascended to the helm of the he Martinez Group. 

Liam only smiled and stayed silent in response when he faced Stella's inquiring eyes. 

Stella pouted, and a thought flashed through her mind: Liam would not encounter his first love when he was sixteen, right? A man's first love was said to be the most unforgettable. He got excited when he mentioned that age, but he stopped talking about it halfway. Obviously, he did not want me to know... 

There was no better explanation except for first love. 

Stella's eyes were filled with disappointment. Since Liam did not want to say, she did not ask anymore. 

Stella's heart was troubled by this matter. 

She returned to her bedroom silently and changed the sheets. Then, she took out another quilt and spread it on the sofa in the living room. 

Liam was stunned for a few seconds before he felt something wrong, so he grabbed her wrist abruptly, "Why... Why did you spread the quilt on the sofa again?" 

Stella turned to look at him, "What's wrong?" 

"Of course, it's wrong!" Liam tried his best to restrain himself and remain calm, "Didn't you say that you'd let me sleep in your bedroom tonight? Don't you want to... with me..." 

"My brother was beaten by others. Are you still in the mood to think about it?" Stella glared at him. 

In addition, Stella was angry with the "first love" just now, so she did not have a good attitude. 

"Samuel will not be able to go home tonight. Who else can take care of him if I don't?" 

Liam did not know the inside story, but he noticed that her attitude had changed quickly... 

"Is he staying here tonight? Then you're spreading a quilt on this sofa for him?" 

"It's for me." Stella remained expressionless. 

"What did you say?" Liam's eyes widened, "Won't you let me..." 

"Yes." She said calmly, "Samuel and you sleep in the room, and I sleep on the sofa." 

"There's only one bed in the room!" 

"It's okay, it's enough for the two of you to sleep." Stella said as she handed him a pillow, "By the way, you two can talk about 'something that can only be talked about between men'!" 



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