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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 94

Chapter 94 I Can Also Kill You

Eric was sweating profusely, kneeling on the ground and repeatedly kowtowing and begging for mercy.

Oliver was always resourceful, capable of doing things like killing and arson. Moreover, with the Wilson family's power, even if Oliver really killed him, it would just be one more missing person, and the Wilson family would quickly suppress this matter!

As for Christopher...

Humph, Christopher would do anything to protect himself. Maybe he would turn his back on Eric and splash dirt on him!

After all, Christopher now had to maintain a good image in front of Sir Martinez and be a kind uncle to Noah.

Eric gritted his teeth, and his final kowtow was extremely loud, even breaking a large piece of skin on his forehead, causing blood to flow.

"Mr. Wilson, please spare me! I... I am willing to do anything for you without hesitation!"

"What about Mr. Christopher Martinez?" Oliver sat with his legs crossed in the middle.

"I... I swear." Eric's face turned pale. "I won't reveal a single word to Christopher!"

"Humph, I can't trust your oath." Oliver threw the dagger and gun to the side. "But if you can really be of use to me, I might consider sparing your life."

"Mr. Wilson, what can I do for you?"

"You know Amelia, right?" Oliver squinted his eyes and smiled.

Amelia dared to lock up Stella in the basement and even put rats in there. How could Noah swallow this anger?

So he sent Eric to deal with Amelia, letting the wicked deal with the wicked, killing two birds with one stone.

Eric swallowed nervously and asked softly, "Mr. Wilson... do you want me to deal with Amelia?"

"Mr. Smith, if you are willing to work for me and Noah in the future, we won't mistreat you."

"But remember, if you dare to leak any of this to Christopher... Humph, since Noah can spare you, he can also kill you! Understand?"


A few days later, the news of Amelia being deceived spread throughout the business circle of Eldoria.

Even Rainbow Export heard about it.

Wherever Stella went, she could hear her colleagues gossiping with schadenfreude.

In fact, that client was taken away by Amelia from her.

Just two days ago, they both appeared on the top floor of an office building to visit a client.

Stella was not very familiar with this client, but she learned from the information given by David that Mr. Brooks was a man from Sinerland who had come to Eldoria specifically for investment. David asked her to establish contact first, so she came.

Unexpectedly, she ran into the arrogant Amelia at the entrance.

"Oh, are you here to visit Mr. Brooks too?"

Amelia spoke with her usual contemptuous tone, and Stella couldn't help but shudder whenever she thought about being locked up in the basement by Amelia. She didn't even want to look at Amelia.

"Let me tell you. Mr. Brooks will sign with me!" Amelia smirked triumphantly and said, "The wealth of the Taylor Group is much stronger than your small company!"

"In business cooperation, sometimes it still depends on fate." Stella responded calmly, "Before the client finishes signing his name on the paper, anything can change!"

Amelia glared at her. At that moment, Mr. Brooks walked out from inside. Amelia quickly went forward to greet him and viciously elbowed Stella!

Stella felt pain and didn't have time to defend herself, and Amelia stomped on her foot!

In front of everyone's eyes, Stella fell clumsily.

When she looked up, she clearly saw the expression on Mr. Brooks's face, looking at her like he was looking at a clown.


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