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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Friendship Between Women

"Noah." Oliver called several times in a row, "Noah? Are you even listening?"

Liam was a bit absent-minded and coughed lightly twice.

Oliver smiled. "Boss, I finally understand what is called 'lost and bewildered'! Even over the phone, I can tell that your thief-like eyes are only focused on Stella now!"

"Oliver." Liam said in a deep voice, "If you want to be taught a lesson, just say it straight. No need for such subtle reminders."

Oliver laughed dryly, knowing that Liam wanted to enjoy his time with Stella. He didn't dare to say more and quickly hung up the phone.

The next day, Mia saw Amelia at the open-air Western restaurant below the Taylor Group.

"Miss Taylor." Mia smiled and took out a termination agreement. "I've already discussed this with your secretary in advance. Now, all that's left is your signature. Please!"

Amelia's face was already unpleasant, and now her features twisted almost grotesquely.

Ever since she was cheated out of tens of millions of dollars by that fake man from Sinerland, Taylor Group had become the laughingstock of the entire industry.

Henry was embarrassed no matter where he went and vented his anger on Amelia. Not only did he harshly reprimand her at the board meeting, but he also took back several profitable projects from her.

Even when she returned home, Amelia was trembling, carefully observing his mood.

Now, Rainbow Export had also become a fence-sitter, using this opportunity to distance themselves from Taylor Group and cancel their cooperation just like those other companies.

Amelia gritted her teeth. Looking at Mia's smiling face, she tightly gripped the pen and reluctantly signed her name on the agreement.

"Thank you." Mia said with a smile after checking, "If there are no issues, your company will receive the official termination letter within three days. Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Taylor. It's my treat!"

"No need." Amelia crossed her arms in front of her chest. "I haven't fallen so low that I can't even afford a meal!"

"This is what I should do." Mia offered to pay the bill, came back, and politely smiled at Amelia, ready to take her leave.

However, Amelia's sharp voice rang out from behind, "Is there no one left in Rainbow Export now? It's such an important termination agreement, but they sent a lackey to sign it!"

Mia stopped in her tracks.

"You treat your superior's casual remark as an order!" Amelia snorted and said, "Back when you were chasing after me for cooperation, you didn't have this attitude, did you?"

Mia took a deep breath.

Stella's elder sister was indeed difficult to deal with. Even in this situation, she still stubbornly refused to admit defeat and had to say a few sarcastic remarks.

Since that was the case, Mia was not someone to be taken lightly either.

She turned around, revealing a brilliant smile. "Miss Taylor, times change!"

"This time, we've also learned our lesson. We must make sure to thoroughly understand our partner's... intellectual level when choosing one! Heh, those who easily get cheated out of tens of millions of dollars are intellectually challenged. We really can't continue working together!"

Amelia's face darkened as she glared at Mia.

"And when it comes to cooperation, how can we bypass the chairman? Ha-ha, as far as I know, when you negotiated with Rainbow Export, your father didn't know anything, right?"

"Alas, after all, Taylor Group is ultimately decided by the chairman alone. I'm sure you can't make any decisions!"

"Have you said enough?" Amelia slammed the table, making the cutlery and plates on the table clink.

Mia coldly looked at her, finally taking a small revenge for Stella.

However, at that moment, she noticed a change in Amelia's expression, from anger to a hint of smugness, and Amelia even smiled.

"Mia." She scoffed and said, "Look over there!"

Mia was stunned and followed her gaze, only to see two girls happily eating ice cream and chatting under a parasol not far away.

Behind them were a blue sky, white clouds, and trees that formed a canopy. The vibrant azaleas bloomed in clusters around them.


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