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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Help Me Take Off My Glasses

"No." Kendrick said, "Nigel came to deliver the documents and insisted on staying to read a book."

He raised his hand to touch her forehead and pressed it gently.

He tried to soothe Natalie and calm her down.

"It's just a dream. Don't take it seriously." He said in a soft voice, "I'm always here, and we will never separate."

Natalie finally regained her composure.

She had scared herself.

The color returned to her face, and she repeated his words, "We will never separate."

No one could separate them.

Natalie looked at Kendrick with firmness in her eyes.

He wore a pair of rimless glasses at work and looked gentle and elegant.


Why did he look so handsome even when he wore glasses!

The light in the study shone on him, and half of his body was hidden in the shadows. He looked handsome and charming.

Natalie narrowed her eyes. Suddenly, Kendrick said, "Help me take off my glasses."

His voice was deep and hoarse.

No one could refuse him.

Natalie obediently stretched out her hand and carefully took off the glasses. When she was about to ask if she should put them away, Kendrick tilted his head and kissed her lips.

It turned out that he asked her to take off his glasses for a kiss!

How could he seduce her like this?

Thousands of fireworks seemed to bloom in her mind.

And there seemed to be countless butterflies flying.

She even seemed to hear whistles blowing crazily.

It was like a dream.

She enjoyed it.

She hoped she would never wake up.

But soon, she heard him gasp softly.

He even frowned.

Natalie hastily let go of him and asked, "What's wrong?"

"My legs seem to hurt."

Kendrick furrowed his brows tightly.

Natalie quickly jumped off his lap.

He had been injected with nerve growth medicine during the day. He used not to feel anything.

But now he felt slight pain apart from the numbness.

Natalie asked, "Does it hurt a lot?"

Kendrick shook his head and said, "No, it's better now."

Natalie was worried and happy at the same time.

This meant his legs were slowly regaining consciousness.

It proved that the treatment plan was feasible.

Natalie didn't dare to show her excitement and took out her mobile phone, saying, "I'll call Dr. Gentry to see what he will say."

Kendrick was considerate at the moment and said, "We're not in a hurry. I guess he's taking a rest."

Natalie quickly held his face with infinite gentleness in her eyes and said, "You are so kind!"

He was considerate and cared about others.

She loved him.

Owen had been working for two days without sleeping, and now he could have a good rest.

When he woke up, he looked at his cell phone.

Natalie messaged that Kendrick could feel slight pain in his legs, which not only regained partial consciousness. However, the pain was fleeting.

Owen sat up abruptly in bed.

He texted Natalie back and asked a few questions in detail. After he gave her a professional reply, he made an appointment for Kendrick to take a follow-up visit on Friday.

Natalie glanced at the time of his reply.

It had been eight hours since she sent him the message.

How could he sleep that long?

How did he graduate as an MD?

Natalie yawned.

She stayed up until two or three in the morning.

Fortunately, she was young.

She could burn the midnight oil.

On the desk, there was a thick stack of scientific reports that she printed last night.

She translated the documents and annotated and commented on the pages.

Natalie planned to give the documents to Owen when she saw him next time.

As his senior, she would give him her solicitude.

Natalie stayed up almost every night lately.

She could see her haggardness in the mirror.


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