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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Couple's Phone Cases

Natalie would go to work at Ramsey Group next Monday.

She tried on several professional outfits in the cloakroom before deciding that the last one suited her better.

The shirt was simple and stylish in design.

The skirt was hip-long and slim-fitting, with a slight opening at the side.

She looked elegant and exquisite, but not overly mature in this outfit.

"How do I look?" Natalie circled in front of Kendrick. "I'll wear this outfit to the company on Monday. What do you think?"

Kendrick withdrew his gaze and smiled approvingly. "It's perfect for you!"

However, he then frowned and said with concern, "The temperature will drop on Monday, so it will be cold to dress like this."

He lifted his hand and laid it on his chin. His deep eyes met hers, and he smiled faintly. "You've just recovered, so wear more."

Natalie felt that he had a point.

"Okay, then I'll change the skirt into pants."

"It's up to you."

That was exactly what Kendrick wanted.

"Wait, the phone cases arrive. I'll bring them over."

Natalie had been waiting for a long time.

She ran back to her room and took over the couple's phone cases that had just been unpacked. She shook them and said, "I specially customized them. Let's put them on!"

The cartoon phone cases specially designed by the creative store had their initials at the bottom of the patterns.

The couple's style was very obvious.

As soon as Kendrick took out his phone, everyone would know he was in love.

Natalie sat on his bed, swaying with her calves dangling, looking very eye-catching.

Kendrick handed her his phone.

She quickly put on the phone case for him and handed the phone back to him. "It's quite cute."

Kendrick felt a little embarrassed.

He placed the phone in his palm and looked at the phone case, feeling that it did not match his usual style.

"Don't you like it?" Natalie asked tentatively.

"Occasionally changing my style is not bad." Kendrick raised his eyes to look earnest.

Natalie also replaced her phone case and made a pair with his.

She had despised such things when she was single.

Since she fell in love, however, things had been quite different.

After applying the patches for a while, Kendrick took them off and said to Natalie, "The follow-up worked very well today. Dr. Gentry suggests I have the surgery next month."

Speaking of this, he frowned slightly.

"What's wrong?"

Kendrick couldn't express this feeling, but he still frankly said, "Although Owen is at the forefront of this field, there has never been a successful case before. I have read his surgical plan, and it is advanced to surpass the times."

He added, "It seems to use collagen to guide nerve cell regeneration or what."

"Collagen scaffold bridging," Natalie blurted out without hesitation.

"Did you read the surgical plan?"

Natalie remained calm and said, "I've heard Dr. Gentry mention it before, so I remember it."

She quickly changed the topic and asked, "Do you have confidence in the surgery?"

"There won't be any worse results." Kendrick smiled. "At worst, I'll still be sitting in a wheelchair."

Natalie pursed her lips and said, "Have some confidence!"

She held out her hand as a sign.

Kendrick took her hand.

"Say that you have great confidence."

He didn't understand, but he still said it according to Natalie's meaning.

Natalie silently prayed, "The surgery will definitely be successful."


Sam, the director of the marketing department, had been informed in advance that a new colleague would arrive this week.

He had also been tactfully told that the newcomer was of a higher rank than him.

That was to say, the person was not here to be his subordinate.

Sam was 35 years old and had been working in the marketing industry for ten years.

Now, a newcomer had suddenly arrived, with a higher rank than him.

This gave him a strong sense of crisis.

He arrived at the company at 8 o'clock on Monday for the first time and gathered all his subordinates together for a meeting.

"I just received the news that our department has a new colleague airborne this week, and this person has a pretty high rank." Sam looked around and said, "I'm not sure what specific position this newcomer is in."

"A man or a woman?" someone asked.

"A woman." Sam pondered. "I guess she's not young."

"That's a bit troublesome," someone let out a long sigh, "but since she's airborne, I don't think she'll stay long."


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