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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Natalie Is Jealous

Spencer handed Kendrick the USB drive in his hand and said, "The information is all in here."

Then he couldn't help but roast, "You are really so mean to me now."

Kendrick put away the USB drive and asked, "Anything else?"

"Yes. I recently learned a secret about President Williamson. Are you interested?"

Kendrick lowered his eyes and said, "No."

Spencer didn't give up and continued, "Listen, he actually has..."

His gaze fell on the paper bag on the table.

He smelled the fragrance of roses.

Then his hand reached out uncontrollably.

With a click, Natalie came out of the toilet.

Then she saw Spencer stuff the half of a rose pancake in his hand into his mouth.

"Hey!" She was too late to stop him.

Natalie ran over, looked at the empty paper bag, and then saw Spencer slowly pull out a piece of tissue and wipe his fingers gracefully.

She was stunned. "Did you eat it all?"

Spencer nodded. "Well, I just ate one piece."

"That's only one piece!" Natalie was unhappy. "That is what I left for my husband."

Only then did Kendrick discover what Spencer had done.

Spencer looked around to confirm that there was no soup.

He cautiously took a step back and suddenly said to Kendrick, "Kendrick, I accidentally ate it. You won't blame me, will you?"

Natalie hadn't expected him to be so phony.

She walked over and circled her husband's neck, complaining to him, "Let him give it back to us!"

Kendrick patted her hand and said with a smile, "That's not enough. Let him treat us to dinner."

Natalie nodded in agreement. "Good idea."

Spencer finally understood.

He realized that Kendrick and Natalie just wanted him to treat them to dinner.

"Fine." Spencer gave up the struggle.

After all, he had come to see Kendrick today on a serious matter.

He needed Kendrick's theoretical support for semiconductor, AMP, and chip technologies.


Spencer ordered a barbecue delivery to Kendrick's office.

Before Kendrick could speak, Natalie took the lead and said, "I love it. Add a large bottle of milk as well."

Spencer deliberately asked, "Kendrick, do you have any objections?"

"You must dare not have it!" he sneered in his heart.

Kendrick was silent for a moment and then said lightly, "Just do it!"

One of Spencer's lifelong dreams was to have a barbecue in Kendrick's office.

Now, his dream had come true.

Spencer was particularly excited as they grilled, eating nonstop.

"After finishing this meal, I'll shut down for a month. No one will be able to contact me," said Spencer.

Natalie curiously asked, "Are you going to practice in the mountains?"

Spencer paused for a moment and then said in a mysterious tone, "Do you know? The quantum laboratory has detected the existence of parallel worlds."

Natalie's hand paused as she picked up a steak.

"Parallel worlds?"

"Yes, there is another world outside of our own. I am not sure about the specifics. I was not involved in the detection project. This project was initiated twenty years ago," said Spencer.

Then he deliberately asked, "Do you know who the initiator is?"

Natalie asked, "Who?"

Spencer pursed his lips and said, "Our president, Ryland Williamson."

This topic was quickly stopped.

Natalie asked no further questions.

She silently bit into the steak that Kendrick had placed on her plate. However, she couldn't help but think, "The parallel world was detected.

Is it the world in which I was born?

So, this world is more than just a book?

It is a real existence.

It's just that someone has put his pen to paper to record the stories that are happening in this world.

Coincidentally, I read it."

"What are you thinking?" Kendrick's voice suddenly rang out.

It was warm and clear.

Natalie came back to her senses and looked over at him.

She thought, "My love in my lifetime.

He's right next to me."

She smiled lightly and pointed to the plate. "I want grilled shrimp. Pick it up quickly, or it'll be less delicious!"


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