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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Deep in Love

Natalie calmly thought for a while and gradually had a clear solution in her mind.

She immediately asked her colleagues to deal with the negative trending topic.

After getting the inspection letter from authoritative organizations, she asked the PR department to issue an official statement on Twitter. And she had personally reviewed the draft. It was a PR Trilogy. They must express their concerns, disassociate themselves from the matter, and tell people they would pay close attention to the follow-up.

Kendrick called her at eight in the evening.

She had told him she would go back late in advance and asked him not to wait for her.

"Why haven't you come back?"

Natalie replied in frustration, "Something went wrong, so I have to deal with it now."

"Is it because of the lipstick allergy?"

Kendrick was paying attention too.

Natalie sighed, "Yes. We are contacting Haylie, but she refused to communicate with us."

"It will not help even if you wait in the company. Come back. It's going to rain."


When Natalie drove back, a light rain began to fall and rattled on the car windows.

It was getting colder in autumn. She suddenly felt life in this world was much more difficult than the previous one because she often had "missions impossible".

There had been too much unwelcome news lately. GM-1 had been banned. She had just worked in the company for a short time but encountered a big PR crisis.

Her emotional life was going on too smoothly, so God must give her some setbacks in other aspects, right?

Natalie stared at the bracelet on her left wrist with a faint smile. As long as he was by her side, there would be no need to worry about anything.

Kendrick was waiting for her to have dinner together at home. Before she arrived, he asked Ashlynn to heat the food again.

The lights in the house looked warm.

After changing her shoes in the hallway, Natalie saw Kendrick waiting for her in the dining room. Instantly, all her worries disappeared. And she could see only him in her eyes.

She quickly walked over and asked, "Are you still waiting for me?"


Kendrick served her a bowl of soup and said, "Eat. We'll talk about the trouble later."

Natalie obediently began to have the meal.

After dinner, She told him the ins and outs of the whole thing as well as her current processing progress.

Kendrick had no problem with it. Her handling was indeed prompt and effective.

Natalie took out her mobile phone, showed him Haylie's Twitter, and said, "Last year, she promoted the lipstick of a foreign brand. We cooperate with the same manufacturer. And our raw materials are similar. She did not have any discomfort then. But when she used Flower Face's lipstick, she had allergies. It is unreasonable!"

Kendrick glanced at her and frowned.

"Maybe one of our competitors bought her over and asked her to frame us. But she is a KOL with millions of followers, I don't think she needs to risk her future for money. What's more, Flower Face is not a top-tier brand. There is no need to adopt such a dirty method against us."

Natalie patiently analyzed, "I guess something else caused her allergy, but she does not know."

Therefore, she wanted to meet Haylie to confirm what was going on.

Suddenly, Kendrick's cell phone rang. It was from Brock. And he said Haylie was at Prosperity Hospital which was a high-end private hospital under the Ramsey Group.

Natalie immediately got up, intending to go to the hospital.

Kendrick stopped her and asked, "Do you know what time it is now?"

It was ten o'clock. And it was raining heavily outside.

Natalie insisted on going, but he grabbed her by the hand and said, "Let Brock contact her."

Natalie said, "No, Brock will scare her."


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