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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Betrayal

When Natalie arrived, Haylie was sitting on the hospital bed in a daze.

Natalie didn't know what she was thinking because she was emotionless.

Sitting opposite her, Natalie said, "The test results proved it is the necklace that caused the allergy. Since you are allergic to metal, do not wear any jewelry. And you will recover soon."

Haylie frowned, "I don't understand. There is a purchase record at the counter. How did the necklace become a fake? Where is the genuine one?"

The necklace was T-smile, the most popular sterling silver jewelry this year.

Natalie didn't answer her question but had her speculation. Haylie's boyfriend had either sold the genuine necklace or given it to someone else.

Haylie took the necklace out of the bag, put it in her palm, and looked at it.

The longer she stared at it, the more fake it looked!

Once a woman had doubts, she would instantly become Sherlock Holmes who had a keen eye and clear mind.

She carefully recalled with a frown and finally remembered one thing.

Her boyfriend Dillan's assistant Gloria had praised her beautiful necklace not long ago and said she had bought one for herself.

Haylie had been unhappy to hear her words then because she could not understand why she had bought the same one and had suspected Gloria was intentionally irritating her.

What had Dillan said?

He had said it was because Haylie had brought out the necklace's value and beauty that Gloria had bought the same one. It was a compliment to her taste.

Haylie had thought his words made sense despite the weird feeling in her heart. Now, she quickly watched the replay of Dillan's live broadcast. Sure enough, when the camera switched to Gloria, she saw the same necklace around her neck.

Haylie believed her boyfriend had cheated on her, so she abruptly stood up and walked outward.

Natalie asked, "Where are you going?"

"I will go to settle accounts with him!"

"Are you meeting him like this?"

She had not washed her face or put on makeup. Her hair was messy, and her clothes were full of wrinkles.

Haylie stopped her steps, turned to look at Natalie, and said, "I'll go home. Let's talk about the matter later."

Natalie unhurriedly said, "The legal department of the Ramsey Group intends to sue you."

Haylie froze in place. Although she had deleted the tweet, the negative impact was irreversible.

Seeing her so frightened, Natalie continued, "But I stopped them."

Haylie breathed a sigh of relief, secretly blaming Natalie for stopping in mid-sentence.

She hesitated and asked, "What do you want?"

"Compared to what you want to do now, what I will say is crucial to your future."

Natalie tenderly looked at her and added, "You have lost your love."

Haylie had dated Dillan for three years, but he had sent her a fake and caused her to be hospitalized. It was not a matter of love but an intentional injury to some extent.

"If you go to settle accounts with him now, you will also lose your career."

Natalie had kept her tone steady, but her words made Haylie's heart skip a beat.

She continued with a gentle smile, "Sit down. Let's talk."


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