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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 2

Chapter 2 This Way It Won't Hurt That Much

Litzy almost forgot what she was going to say after seeing her cold eyes. After a while, she said, "Nat, why are you looking at me so aggressively? Do you know that Orion is going to be sentenced?"

"I know!"

"You know?" Litzy suddenly raised her voice and said, "Why are you still so calm? Aren't you going to do something? He loves you so much and he stabbed people because of you!"

This bestie was so noisy.

Besides, she was not a good character in the original story.

She knew that Orion was involved with Natalie's death, and she was still willing to stay with him and spent the divorce fee that Kendrick gave Natalie at ease.

"What for me?" Natalie said lightly.

"..." Litzy did not dare a response, and soon she said, "The bodyguard stopped him from seeing you. He started in a hurry."

Natalie closed her eyes.

Orion was not to see her but to provoke Kendrick.

At that time, she was standing beside Kendrick. He approached with a sense of danger and that was why he was stopped by Kendrick's bodyguard.

Orion stabbed Kendrick's guys in public out of a false sense of pride when he was put to shame.

"He should have been sentenced because he hurt people!" Natalie was righteous.

"You..." Litzy said angrily, "Natalie, what's the matter with you? Is Kendrick threatening you?"

Kendrick did not threaten her, it was quite the opposite.

Natalie looked around.

The maids gathered around her door and dared not come in.

Litzy was stopped by maids before, so she complained about it to the original role and cried for a long time.

The original role lashed out anger at the maids. She yelled whether they didn't take her seriously, and why did they dare to stop her friends?

Kendrick knew about it, he just said gave his wife whatever she needed.

So now Litzy was unbridled and dared to break into her bedroom in the morning.

Natalie sat up slowly, her fingers pressed on her temples, and said to herself silently: I won't be mad at myself.

"I know that Kendrick must have threatened you. He can't stand your liking for Orion, so he wants to kill him. Nat, Orion helped you so many times when you were bullied before, and you will help him this time, right?"

Litzy sat straight on the bed, shook Natalie's shoulders, and said, "He can't be sentenced, or his life will be ruined."

Natalie was shaken by her and her wound almost cracked. She said hoarsely, "Help!"

Was this "bestie" a nut?

Why did she behave so unruly?

However, her voice was too small. The maids outside couldn't hear her and knew her previous rules. They dared not come in easily.

"Nat!" Litzy pressed her shoulders reluctantly and said, "You must save him. Go begging Kendrick, kneel if you have to. He will listen to you."

"Save your ass," Natalie thought.

A burst of pain came from the wound. She was trembling. A cold sweat came out of her head. She stretched out her hand to push Litzy, but she had no strength to make her move. Even the phrase "let go" seemed weak.

Natalie looked aside. When she saw the cup on the bedside table, she didn't hesitate to take it up and pour it on Litzy's head.

"Ah..." Litzy screamed.

The drops of water rolled down her cheeks.

"Natalie, what are you doing?" Litzy finally said, "Why are you pouring on me?"

"Get out!"

Natalie's impatience had reached the extreme.

She didn't hit the woman because she didn't want to leave Kendrick with a violent image, so she restrained a little.

Litzy was frightened by her awe-inspiring manner and was shocked for a moment.

But she was also difficult to deal with. She thought the old Natalie couldn't leave her, so she won't stop until she reached her goal. After wiping her face, she immediately choked and said, "What about Orion? I heard that he will be in prison for at least ten years. According to Kendrick's style, he will die in prison. Can you stand to see him die?"

The sound of a wheelchair came from outside the door.

It should be Kendrick.


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