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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 The Groans in the Room

Looking at those emojis on his phone screen, Kendrick smiled lightly.

Natalie took back her mobile phone contentedly and smiled at him.

"OK," said Kendrick submissively.

Natalie was satisfied and thought he was very obedient. She put some food into his bowl and said, "Eat more."

Kendrick didn't talk much and ate quietly.

Natalie also quieted down. She was probably tired after setting the table. After finishing one bowl of rice, Natalie went to fill another. Since she was hungry, she ate without scruples or manners.

Kendrick looked at her in silence.

He felt that Natalie had a better appetite recently.

After eating two bowls of rice, Natalie filled another bowl with soup. Since it was hot, she was forced to drink it slowly.

"There is something on your face," said Kendrick.

Natalie looked up. "Where is it?"

Kendrick pointed to her cheek and said, "On your right cheek."

Natalie directly leaned her face over and said, "I can't see it. Help me."

Kendrick slightly raised his slender finger and wiped the rice grains away from her face.

Natalie's fair face was also stained with oil. Kendrick couldn't stand it, so he reached out and wiped her face with a piece of tissue.

"Eat slowly and be careful of indigestion."

Natalie took the opportunity to suggest, "Then I'll push you out for a walk after dinner."

In the past, all these things were done by Baron.

Natalie, however, was a little dominating, and she arranged it all directly.

Kendrick made no objection.


The weather at the end of August was still a little hot and dry at night.

The place where they lived was Wonder Villa.

The surrounding environment was excellent, and the evening wind blew away some of the heat.

Natalie pushed him and talked all the way.

Kendrick knew for the first time that one could say so much.

He had always loved quiet.

However, he didn't feel annoyed at all at the moment.

A group of children were blowing bubbles in the sunset, running around, and having a great time.

As Kendrick watched them, his thoughts wandered suddenly.

Natalie didn't notice that. She asked, "I've checked the schedule, and you are free from four to six this Sunday. Can I make an appointment with you?"

Kendrick did not answer.

Natalie bent down to look at him and found him staring at the children in front.

Kendrick snapped back to his senses and said, "Go on."

"I said I wanted to make an appointment with you after 4:00 on Sunday. My project plan can be completed this week. I will come to you at your company at that time. Is that OK?"


"Then that's the deal!" Natalie laughed and then said, "Wait for me here!"

She walked quickly to the children, took out the chocolate bar she had put in her pocket at noon, and exchanged it for a bubble-blowing toy.

Natalie came back and handed the bubble water to Kendrick. Then she said, "Do you want to blow bubbles? Try it!"

Kendrick had not done such a thing for years. Without any surprise, he failed on his first attempt.

Standing aside, Natalie laughed and said, "Let me teach you a way to blow big bubbles."

After saying that, she squatted down and took his hand. "First take a deep breath, then slowly exhale, and finally use great strength. See? Just like this."

A huge bubble appeared in Kendrick's hand and flew towards the setting sun.

"Quickly make a wish."

Natalie had always been obsessed with making a wish on any object.

Perhaps there were so many tests in school that she often made a wish to pass every one of them.

Kendrick was forced to close his eyes.

In the sun, the bubbles reflected a variety of colors. Natalie clapped her hands and said, "Let me blow more."

She puffed her cheeks and blew bubbles at the sunset.

The night breeze blew gently, and Kendrick was lost in trance for a moment as he looked at her bulging fair side face.

Natalie didn't stop until she found that the bubble water was dry. Then she said, "I feel that I was taken advantage of just now. I gave away a large bar of chocolate, but I only got half a bottle of bubble water. I should have given that child half of the chocolate."

Natalie didn't think too much at that time.


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