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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Her Bank Account was Flooded with 400,000 Dollars 

Ashlynnwondered why Kendrick's face darkened. She could not figure out what her boss was thinking, so she did not dare to say more. 

Kendrick did not make things difficult for Ashlynn and said, "Go to do your things!" 

Finally, Kendrick called Ashlynn back and told her, "Natalieis not feeling well, take care of her, and inform me if anything happens." 

Kendrick raised to look into the direction of the stairs. His eyes narrowed slightly. 

Medical books were not novels. How could Natalie understood them after reading them once? Kendrick thought. 


Natalie's leg hurt badly, neither standing nor sitting. 

Natalie could not work while lying down. She even wanted to hang herself up. 

The work at hand had not been completed, and Dr. WalkerGill had not responded to her after a long wait. It had been a few days, and even if there was a time difference, he should have seen it long ago. 

Natalie really did not want to complain about Dr. Walker's slow work efficiency! 

Natalie flattened her legs, opened the securities app, glanced at the stock price, and almost jumped out of bed. 

Hamgrad just passed new regulations this Monday, allowing hyaluronic acid to be added to common foods. 

So the two stocks Natalie had bought in the medical and aesthetic raw material industry, Peace Biotechnology and Blue Bay Technology, experienced a round of skyrocketing. 

The rate of increase is as high as 100%. 

Natalie's bank account was flooded with 400 thousand dollars. 

Natalie counted the number of zeros after that, and  did not feel the pain of her legs at this moment. 

Natalie happily took a screenshot and was going to send it to Kendrick. 

However, Natalie thought it for a moment, and realized that Kendrick might ask her to pay back the money immediately. 

So Natalie decided to not tell Kendrick this news. 

Natalie wanted to tell Kendrick about it when she had more money! 

The cell phone rang at this time. 

It was an unfamiliar number. 

Natalie answered, "Hello!" 

"Excuse me, Is that Natalie Quinn?" 

"Yes, it's me." 

"This is Lamont Stone, the director and producer of The Fallen Empire. I've seen your private message, so I made this phone call. Our project is suspended, thank you for your attention, and I'm sorry to inform you about this." 

What... What was wrong with it? 

Natalie just planned to use the money from selling stocks to invest it! 

It was stopped? 

Nataliehad left Lamont a message before, saying that she wanted to invest, but he just thought it was just a small investment of several hundred thousand to get a piece of the pie. The project was ruined because the largest investor has withdrawn. Out of responsibility, he still phoned Natalie to inform her this news. 

"Are you short of funds?" 

Lamont was a little embarrassed and did not want to tell Natalie about it. 

"Tell me, how much do you need? I'll invest it for the withdrawn part." 

Hearing the voice of this young girl, and hearing her expansive tone, Lamont  refreshed the experience of more than 30 years in his life. 

"1 million dollars, is it enough? If not, I can invest more!" 

Hearing this, Lamont was too surprised to speak. 

"Answer me directly. Is it enough? Don't waste time!" 

"Excuse me," Lamont hesitated and asked, "Why do you want to invest our costume drama?" 

"We'll talk about it later." Natalie was impatient, "We can meet and talk in detail if it's convenient. I'll answer all your questions at that time. If it's not convenient..." 

"Alright, are you in Goldburg? I'll come to visit you as soon as possible when you're free." 

"My leg hurts and I'm resting. let's meet on this Sunday!" 

"Okay, according to your time." 


"Have a good rest and take care of yourself!" 

Natalie hung up the phone and calculated the money after the dividend. 

In fact, investing in film and television dramas was slow and risky. 

It took a year for a drama to go from filming to release. 

If something happens to the lead actor, it would be fetching water from a bamboo basket, and she couldn't even cry. 

If Nataliehad not read the original novel, known the plot, liked the role of Kaley, and wanted to help Maggie take it down as soon as possible, she would never have invested in it. In doing so, Maggie would be saved from suffering insults from internet trollsfor two years.


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