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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Gave Her a Lesson

The borscht was thick.

Sophia instantly couldn't see anything.


Sophia screamed because of the soup, regardless of her image.

Everyone was stunned.

At first, Sophia thought that the soup would be poured on the head of the waiter. However, she didn't expect that Natalie would turn the bowl to her.

People around were taking pictures.

Kendrick called someone on the phone and said in a cold voice, "Bring her up immediately."

Sophia was at a loss. Her vision was blurred, and her breath was full of the smell of borscht. She wanted to cry and stretched out her hand to wipe her face, then she said disgustedly, "Natalie, are you crazy?"

Natalie took some toilet paper and wiped her hands slowly. After that, she arrogantly threw the paper to Sophia's face and asked, "Do you know why I poured the soup at you?"

"Ah... crazy! You are so crazy! I will get you punished!"

Sophia rushed to Natalie angrily.

But before Sophia got close to Natalie, her collar was grabbed by someone and she was lifted up.

The elegant and decent Sophia was now like a little chicken, baring its teeth and claws.

Then Kendrick's bodyguards in black came up.

These cool boys in black all guarded the restaurant. Then they began to ask the customers to delete the photos and videos in their phones immediately and left. Customers didn't need to pay for their dinner today. The leader of these bodyguards raised his hand and made a gesture to wipe his neck to remind the customers not to leak any photos.

Although everyone wanted to know what had happened, they still left when seeing these bodyguards.

"Let her go! what are you doing?"

The friend who had dinner with Sophia came over. He was a man in his thirties with a decent appearance and temperament.

When he saw the bodyguards in black, he was surprised, but he quickly calmed down and said, "What happened? Let her go! You're breaking the law." He pointed at Natalie and said, "You splashed soup on her face for no reason. How dare you do that! I'll call the police now and let them sue you for intentionally hurting others."

The man screamed as soon as he took out his phone.

The bodyguard, who was holding Sophia, also pressed down on the man's wrist. The man felt pain and threw his phone to the ground.

Kendrick wanted to ask Natalie to sit down and wiped the stains on her clothes. But Natalie stood up and couldn't help saying, "Who is hurting others on purpose?"

Natalie dragged the waiter over and said, "Kendrick was walking when Sophia suddenly stretched out her foot to trip him. If I hadn't come in time, the soup would have splashed on him. Can you afford the result?"

That's the truth!

Everyone suddenly realized.

Spencer was so attracted by their dialogues that he felt the steak in his hand was no longer tasty.

The shocked expression on Spencer's face never disappeared, and he decided to take back the comments about being gentle, polite and well-behaved.

"You're talking nonsense! I didn't do that."

Sophia began to argue for herself.

The waiter nodded timidly and said, "I was walking but I was suddenly tripped by this young lady. I'm not on purpose."

"Sophia is not such a person." The man who came with Sophia obviously refused to believe it.

Natalie frowned and glanced at the man.

This man looked familiar!

Wait, he was Sophia's husband!

Natalie snorted coldly, "Who are you?"

"I'm her friend. I believe that she was a kind girl." The man took a tissue and hugged Sophia in his arms to wipe off the stains on her face.

"You are so intimate! Does her husband know you?" Natalie's voice was not loud, but her words shocked everyone!

The man's hands suddenly froze.

The customers who hadn't left the restaurant immediately started talking.


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