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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Her Lips Touched His Lips.

She wore her hair in a bun and reveal her long neck and delicate collarbones.

Her makeup was retro. Curved long and thin eyebrow and earth color eyeshadow. She drawn a tiny upward curve on originally slightly drooping eye tail with eyeliner outline, so she seemed more charming. She used matte positive red first and slightly, and added dark red mist lip glaze.

The wine red dress made the skin looked like jade, glossy and fine.

In one word. Beautiful!

Natalie spent two hours on her makeup today.

She opted for a cool retro look to impress the Quinn family. She asked Ashlynn and Alisson to give opinions, and got the praise of both of them.

They was a little afraid, wondering why the lady was suddenly willing to talk to them, and to ask politely for their opinion.

Natalie caught the surprise in his jade eyes.

She pursed her lips and chuckled.

Kendrick looked away.

He looked down at the files again.

"Am I pretty?" The girl's ringing voice sounded like the wind chimes. She asked with expectation.

"..." He paused for a moment and said, "Yes."


He didn't even look at her.

Natalie slightly complained, "You even didn't look. You talked to me without looking at me. Perfunctory!"

"I saw!" His voice was low and hoarse.

"Then look at me again!"

This sentence surprised Nigel who was driving.

Madam flirted with the CEO today.

This was unprecedented!

From childhood, women would admire Kendrick's face and intelligence. But faced with his disability, they stayed away, let alone dare to offence him.

Natalie's lips curled and her eyes were full of smiles.

He seemed a little shy!

Well, in that case she should pay more effort. She moved closer, almost to his ear, and lowered her voice, softly and slowly, and gasped, "You're not looking at me. What are you looking at? Hmm?"

"Hmm" was drawn out at the end.

Her best friend had taught her that close physical contact was good for relationships.

Kendrick's hand on the file was clenched, and the veins bulged.

His breathing become quick significantly.

"Project proposal."

He looked up suddenly after saying.

Natalie did not expect him to look at her, and met his cool, deep eyes.

They looked at each other for a moment. Then his face came close and stopped a centimetre from the tip of her nose. Their lips were almost touched.

Natalie put her hand on the chair and looked into his dark eyes. Some thoughts came into her mind.

Did he want to do that?

The idea hasn't popped up yet.

There was a slight pain in her jaw.

Kendrick pressed her chin and ran his fingers across it. "It's uneven." He said calmly.

Natalie, "..."

She quickly took out the makeup mirror and checked. The makeup on the chin seemed to be uneven.

When Natalie pressed the powder, she felt like something was wrong. Why was it her whose heart beating so fast? And she clearly felt her earlobes burning.

Kendrick continued to look down at his paper. His profile perfectly defined. His shirt collar was neat, and he matched it with a collar pin for solemnity. Every detail was perfect.

Natalie put away her powder, then took out a small box to put earrings.

There was no time. She planed to put it in the car.

The right one was done, but the left one...

She had wound and it was a little hurt when she held hands up for long time.


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