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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Pigtail

Owen thought carefully but could not recommend a suitable candidate to Natalie.

He said, "Prof. Murphy is the best Hamgrad acupuncture doctor. So, his withdrawal will have a great influence on others."

He didn't say anything more but stared at her. However, she instantly got what he meant.

If the cleverest student in a class said a math problem was so difficult that he could not work it out. His classmates would suspect whether they could solve it. Moreover, even if they solved it, they would offend people.

"Do you have his address?" Natalie asked.

She wanted to see whether he was injured with her own eyes.

Seeing her murderous look, Owen hesitated to speak.

Natalie coughed and said, "I just want to visit the patient."

Owen did not buy her story, so she continued, "The treatment has started. It must not be suspended. Dr. Gentry, it is time for you to save the situation!"

Owen felt stressed.

He considered for a while and slowly said, "Actually, I have a candidate in my mind."

Natalie raised her eyebrows and asked, "Who?"

Owen roughly said he knew a doctor named Mr. Q who was quite accomplished in acupuncture and comprehensive spinal nerve treatment. And Mr. Q had even given some suggestions on Kendrick's treatment plan.

But he didn't reveal much personal information because Mr. Q was unwilling to let others know.

Natalie was speechless.

"He has always cared about Mr. Ramsey's condition but cannot take up the treatment in person for personal reasons."

Owen frowned and said in admiration, "Although I have only exchanged emails with him, I am sure his medical skills are higher than mine."

Natalie remained silent.

"If he comes, the treatment will go on more smoothly."

She thanked him for complimenting her in her heart and asked, "Have you asked him about it?"

Owen honestly answered, "If I ask him questions unrelated to medicine, he will get angry."

Natalie thought she had never gotten angry with him. But sometimes, he was indeed a little annoying.

She stood in place and touched her chin while thinking.

After Glenn quit, they could not find a more suitable candidate now. Owen was not proficient in acupuncture. So, it was inappropriate to let him do it.

Had fate chosen her?

Natalie lightly sighed. She had planned to control the direction of the pre-adjuvant treatment and perform only the spinal surgery on Kendrick.

But now...

"What kind of person is Mr. Q? Do you know him well?" Natalie asked.

Owen replied, "His medical skills were high, but it's hard to communicate with him. I'm not sure if I can persuade him in."

She nodded, "I see."

He asked, "Will you explain it to Mr. Ramsey?"

She shook her head, "I won't tell him about it until you confirm it."

He nodded, "OK."


When Natalie walked back to the ward, her footsteps became heavier. She showed a gloomy face and curled her lips downward.

But when pushing open the door, she put on a smile because smiles could heal people.

"I bought a lot of fruits and distributed them to the doctors and nurses. They are happy."

Natalie put the fruit on the coffee table and said, "I will peel an apple for you."

Kendrick was watching TV on the hospital bed when he said, "Thank you."

Natalie never let go of any chance to act coquettishly, so she moved her hand in front of his eyes and said, "Look! The bag was too heavy, so it left a red mark on my hand."

Kendrick held her hand and lightly rubbed it with his thumb, making her feel slightly itchy in her palm.


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