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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Is This Indirect Kissing? 

Kendrick turned his face and stared at Natalie. 

Under the dark night, Kendrick could only see the contours of Natalie’s small and delicate face. Her eyes were shimmering with tears. 

To defend him? 

That was why she fought? 

These actions were all something that Natalie would never do before. However, she was doing them now. 

Kendrick was also surprised by Natalie's words in the Quinn mansion’s loft to break off her relationship with the family. 

Kendrick thought, "Perhaps, I never really knew her before?" 

"Or... Her previous weak and stupid appearance was all an act?" Kendrick was in his thoughts. 

Natalie blinked her eyes and looked at Kendrick sincerely. 

What she spoke was all from her heart. She wasn't deceiving him. 

"No, I should thank you for defending me." 

Even though Kendrick was saying words of thanks, his expression remained cold. 

Natalie chuckled, "I should also thank you for going back to stand up for me. Otherwise, I’d definitely be bullied by them." 

After knowing Natalie was making a big fuss at Quinn's mansion, Kendrick pushed off an upcoming international conference and turned his way back to help her. 

Natalie’s resistance had surprised Kendrick. 

"Since you’ve married me, I'll definitely fulfill my responsibility." 


Was it just out of responsibility? 

"You broke off your relations with the Quinn family. Won't you regret it?" After a long silence, Kendrick asked. 

"No," Natalie said firmly, "I've thought for a day, no, many days. Today happens to be a good opportunity. I don’t want to be controlled by them anymore. I want to be myself." 

Kendrick pursed his lips and was in his thoughts. 

"Oh, I remembered something. Dear, can I ask you a question?" 


"How did you know what happened to me in the Quinn family in such detail and managed to come timely?" Natalie paused and continued, "You have someone in the Quinn family, right?" 

Natalie believed that Kendrick must've arranged a spy in the Quinn family. 

In the original book, there was a slight description saying that the Quinn family was punished later by Kendrick and went bankrupt overnight. 

As soon as Natalie finished her words, Kendrick’s gaze turned piercing. 

The atmosphere instantly turned tense. 

"You can trust me completely," Natalie looked at him with sincere eyes, "No matter what happens, I’ll be by your side and face everything with you. I'll never betray you. You’ve also said this before, I’m yours." 

Kendrick returned calm and said lightly, "Knowing too much would do you no good." 

Kendrick had a cautious personality. He couldn’t yet open up fully to Natalie at this moment. 

Natalie didn't speak. Later, she asked, "I'm a little tired. Can I sleep on your shoulder for a while?" 


Without waiting for Kendrick’s reaction, Natalie rested her head on his shoulder. 

Kendrick looked sideways slightly. In the night, Natalie’s curled eyelashes cast a shadow on her face. Her breathing was shallow as if she was really sleeping. 

A wisp of bangs landed on the tip of Natalie's nose. 

Kendrick raised his hand and gently tucked the bangs behind her ears. 

Kendrick stared at Natalie's fair face and frowned slightly. 

What kinds of things had happened? 

For someone to suddenly turned smart. 


At night, Natalie was exhausted after taking a bath. 

She laid down on the bed and fell asleep without even blowing her hair dry. 

It was two o’clock in the morning when she woke up. Her stomach was growling. 

She was too focused on fighting during her time in the Quinn's mansion and didn’t have the chance to eat. 


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