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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Don't Push Your Luck, Nat

Natalie pressed her lips and said solemnly, "Yes, stop peeling shrimp. I'll apply some ointment to your neck later."

Ashlynn didn't understand such things, so she really thought Kendrick was allergic.

Ashlynn also said that seafood wouldn't be prepared these days.

Natalie chuckled and said meaningfully to Kendrick, "Your skin is so sensitive!"

Natalie had just kissed up along Kendrick's Adam's apple with less force.

Unexpectedly, the marks were so obvious.

Kendrick took out a wet tissue and wiped his hands slowly. Seeing Ashlynn still wanting to talk, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Are you idle?"

Kendrick thought, "What's going on?"

"These people seem to be very idle."

"I don't pay her to gossip."

Ashlynn hurriedly turned around and left.

Natalie smiled and said, "Don't be hard on her. A boss like you is really strict."

Kendrick raised his eyes and looked at Natalie indifferently. He said, "You've finished your meal, right?"

Natalie stopped her complacent smile, lowered her head, and began to eat the shrimp that Kendrick had peeled for her.

Natalie thought, "Don't push your luck, Nat."

Natalie couldn't help but secretly look at Kendrick, out of the corner of her eye.

Natalie saw Kendrick raising his hand to touch his Adam's apple.

She felt he was very sexy!

Suddenly, Kendrick's gaze settled on Natalie.

Natalie immediately withdrew her gaze.

"Are they really obvious?" Kendrick asked suddenly.

Natalie raised her eyes, bit her lower lip slightly, and nodded embarrassedly.

Kendrick kept looking at Natalie, and then his gaze settled on Natalie's neck.

Kendrick squinted slightly.

Natalie inexplicably felt a chill in her neck and felt it was very dangerous.

She hurriedly lowered her head and continued to eat.

Kendrick looked at Natalie silently for a few seconds, and his eyes roved around her earlobes and clavicle.

Kendrick snorted after a while.

After hearing it, Natalie felt Kendrick was telling her to wait and see.


Natalie kept tossing and turning all night.

Reuben's sudden concern almost exposed Natalie.

Fortunately, Natalie was good at mouthing off.

However, she was confused about Kendrick's reaction.

Natalie recalled it carefully.

Kendrick had said that Natalie was great now, which meant that Natalie was recognized by him.

Natalie had guessed that Kendrick might be unwilling to go back to the past.

So Natalie had been so impulsive that she directly said she loved Kendrick and took the initiative to kiss him.

Natalie wondered if it was too rude.

Then she thought, "Forget it. I've done many rude things. It's nothing!"

The two of them hardly talked about the past when they got along now.

They were all smart and were fine now. There was no need to worry about the past.

The moonlight fell on the side of the bed. Natalie sat up and rested her chin in her hands.

Natalie thought, "Before telling him the truth, do I need to let him brace himself in advance?"

"For example, let him watch some movies or read books on soul travel."

Natalie sighed.

It was a bit complicated, which was not what Natalie should bear at her age.

Natalie patted her face and told herself, "Don't think too much. He trusts you for now. Just tell him the truth after the operation. If he can accept that I'm not his real wife, we can still be together. If not..."

Natalie thought, "Nothing is impossible!"

"I have many advantages. How can Kendrick not accept me? There's no reason that he doesn't love me."

"Mr. Ramsey hates deceiving and blowing hot and cold!"

This sentence suddenly appeared in Natalie's mind.

Natalie had already laid down but sat up again in an instant.

She held her head and forced herself to calm down.

She thought, "Anyway, I've deceived him.".

"It's okay to deceive him for a while."


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