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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 98

Chapter 98 She Was Not Experienced Yet 

Natalie ran all the way back to her room and closed the door, leaning against the door and panting. 

She lifted her clothes carefully and took a look toward her chest. 

Her chest skin turned red. 

It hurt a little too. 

It was bitten by him. 

Natalie could only accept kisses on and above her neck for the time being. 

As for kisses below her neck… 

She was not experienced yet. 

Therefore, when Kendrick bit her, she ran away in fright. 

Natalie touched her neck. Her mind was in a whirl. After she calmed down, she suddenly got worried. Did Kendrick get angrier? 

It was agreed that she would take whatever punishment he gave her. 

However, she ran away in the middle of it. 

She didn't reply to his messages, and nor did she answer his call. She was even late for two hours too. 

It was her fault. 

But he couldn't bite her. No one had ever touched that part of her body except herself. 

However, a voice soon said to her, "He bit you. So what? Didn't you bite him before?" 

Natalie was confused. 

She took a sip of water and tried to ignore the crazy voice in her head, thinking of getting back to check on Kendrick later. 


Kendrick reclined on the sofa. The numb feeling didn't vanish. Instead, it grew even worse. 

So, he couldn't move at all. 

His phone rang. 

It was Brock. 

"Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Ramsey did visit the neuroscience laboratory for a day today. Dr. Gentry stayed up late last night to analyze the data and slept almost all day today. The two of them just met by chance." 

"Mrs. Ramsey also went to the library alone to read for two hours at noon." 

Brock talked to the teachers and students of the Neuroscience Research Center at Goldburg Medical University. 

After that, he reported to his boss. 

As a subordinate, Brock usually reported facts and results without adding his own judgment. 

But today, he couldn't help but say, "I think Mrs. Ramsey was so obsessed with the science world that she forgot about time." 

Brock thought Natalie was intelligent and lovely. She didn't come late on purpose. 

Kendrick exhaled. "I got it." 

He hung up the phone and thought for a while. 

Natalie was indeed interested in neuroscience recently and bought many books to study on her own. 

It seemed that she didn't finish her studies when dropping out of university. 

So did she want to make amends for the past? 

At the thought of this, Kendrick pressed his lips slightly and wondered if he should ask her to go back to study. 

Studying was indeed a good thing. 

Only by studying could girls become more independent and self-reliant. 

Moreover, Natalie didn't have any friend. She stayed at home with him, and life was boring and monotonous. 

If she had a dream, he should support her as her husband. 

"Are you there?" 

Suddenly, the door was pushed open quietly, and Natalie's voice came through. 

Seeing that Kendrick was still sitting there in the same posture, she turned on the light and entered the room. 

He looked frightening in the dark. 

She thought it was safer to turn on the light. 

Kendrick closed his eyes at the sudden brightness. When he opened his eyes again, Natalie was right in front of him. 

Didn't she run away? 

Why did she come back? 

"What's wrong? You're sweating a lot." Natalie noticed something was wrong when she got near him. 

His face was pale, and his head was covered with cold sweat. 

Natalie quickly took a tissue from the table and wiped his sweat. When she touched his skin with her fingers, she frowned. "Are you running a fever?" 

His temperature was slightly higher than usual. 

It was a slight fever. 

"I'll fetch the thermometer." 

Natalie turned to leave, but he stopped her. 

"My legs..." He said in a hoarse voice, "They are numb." 


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