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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Adding Fuel to the Fire

As soon as Galen finished his words, Faye knew it was the video of Colin beating up Sebastian this afternoon.

Faye felt her temples throbbing. She rubbed it and said, "I'll arrive at the company in half an hour."

"What should we do now?" Galen asked.

"Do not make any statement to the public," said Faye.

When Faye arrived at the company, the public relations department was in a mess.

Several experienced senior employees of the public relations department gathered together to discuss the plan. Each of them was exhausted.

As soon as Faye entered the room, everyone's eyes were focused on her.

"Ms. Nash."

"Ms. Nash, you are finally here."

Faye was as calm as usual. She handed her bag to Galen, who was walking towards her, and said, "Wait for me in the meeting room for five minutes."

After saying that, she turned around and walked toward her office.

Galen had been working for Faye for a while, so he knew what to do. He followed Faye and told her what had happened.

Faye listened carefully. After Galen finished reporting, she asked, "Have you contacted Sebastian?"

Galen replied, "Yes. His agent said he would arrive in about ten minutes."

Faye nodded and made a cup of coffee. After taking a sip, she asked, "Where is Mr. Farrell?"

Galen pursed his lips and shook his head. "I can't get in touch with Mr. Farrell. I just called Robert. Robert said he couldn't get in touch with Mr. Farrell either."

Faye frowned. "Okay, I see."

Colin went to see Ethan in the afternoon, so he was probably in the bar.

Without hiding anything from Galen, Faye took out her phone and dialed Colin's private number.

The phone rang for a few seconds and was answered. Colin said in a low and magnetic voice, "Faye."

Frowning, Faye ignored Colin's flirtatious tone and went straight to the point. "Where are you now? I'll ask Robert to pick you up."

Colin was drinking with Ethan and Abbot, unaware of what was happening outside. Sensing Faye's tone, he straightened up and asked, "What's wrong?"

"The video of you beating Sebastian has been exposed," said Faye.

Colin's face darkened. "When did it happen?"

Faye replied, "About an hour ago. Now you need to come back and cooperate with the public relations department to clarify and minimize the damage to the company's image."

After a moment's silence, Colin said, "I see. I'll ask Robert to pick me up."

Faye said, "as soon as possible," and then hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Faye walked to the meeting room in high heels.

Although she had contacted two main characters, the more difficult thing was still ahead.

Now the public opinion had tilted in favor of Sebastian. Everyone cursed Colin as a capitalist who didn't treat actors as people.

Some people even dug out a lot of gossip about Colin before, saying that those actresses were not willing to be with him but had no choice except to surrender to Colin.

Faye walked into the meeting room. Several employees who were discussing countermeasures looked at her.

Faye put down the coffee cup, pulled the chair in front of the meeting table, and sat down. "Have you thought of a solution?"

"It's not easy. Those netizens are all incarnations of justice. No matter how we explain, we can't avoid being scolded."


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