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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Clarification

After Faye finished her words, everyone in the office fell into silence.

The agent sitting next to Sebastian almost lost control of his expression. He pretended to be calm. "Ms. Nash, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand?"

Faye said coldly, "Are you really confused or just pretending not to understand?"

The agent was speechless.

Faye said straightforwardly, "I don't believe you will be so bold to frame Mr. Farrell when no one orders you or promises you."

If the video were exposed by others, Faye would only feel that she was unlucky and think that the person who exposed the video did it for fun.

But the reality was that the exposure to this video had something to do with Sebastian. The only reason was that someone had given him some benefits to oppose Colin.

On the other side, Robert was driving Colin to the company.

The atmosphere in the car was low. Robert took a look at the rearview mirror and cautiously asked, "Mr. Farrell, I've found out what you asked me to investigate just now. Sebastian's agent released the video. That agent contacted Hank's assistant at about four o'clock in the afternoon."

Colin's tall figure was hidden in the shadow of the back seat. Half of his sleeves were rolled up, revealing his strong arms. "How's the company?"

Robert answered honestly, "Mrs. Farrell is working on a solution with the people from the public relations department. But I'm afraid it's not easy to solve this problem. Your face is exposed in the video."

Colin said in a low voice, "Drive faster."

After Colin's car arrived at the company, Robert drove into the underground parking lot to prevent the entertainment reporters from surrounding them. Then the two of them took the elevator to the public relations department.

Colin strode towards Faye's office, followed by Robert.

Then when Robert was about to open the door for Colin, he heard a cry from the office.

"Ms. Nash, it's not easy for Sebastian to get here. You have experienced it too. You should be able to understand even if others don't understand him."

"It's all my fault. But please think about it. Sebastian and Mr. Farrell are on the opposite side because of you. Even if this video is not exposed, Mr. Farrell will not give Sebastian good resources in the future."

Every artist's agent had a glib tongue.

Faye didn't think so before, but today she finally understood it.

He was really good at confusing right and wrong.

Robert stopped pushing the door and turned to look at Colin.

Colin remained silent with a dark face.

Originally, Robert thought his boss would disdain to eavesdrop. But based on his years of working experience with Colin and his intuition, he knew he couldn't push the door now.

Robert looked at his hand on the doorknob and felt worried. Colin held his breath and listened to the conversation.

In just twenty minutes, Sebastian's agent had already told everything to Faye.

Knowing that he couldn't hide it, the agent gave up struggling.

He told Faye in tears that Hank's assistant had found them. At last, he pretended to be pitiful and begged Faye to help Sebastian.

Faye leaned against the desk in silence. She looked at the agent in front of her, crying, and a sentence flashed through her mind, "You deserve it."

Did he want to be the beneficiary of others' fight?

But he didn't consider whether he was qualified enough to be the beneficiary.

The agent cried for a long time. Seeing that Faye didn't say anything, he pushed Sebastian and said, "Say something. Look, what big trouble you have made because you love Ms. Nash."


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