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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Friends

Colin's words sounded very flirtatious.

When Faye raised her eyes, she did not see his expression but only saw his sexy Adam's apple.

Seeing her make no response, Colin remained patient. He blew hot breath into her ear and said in a hoarse voice, "Honey."

Faye's heart skipped a beat, and then she snapped, "Colin!"

He let out a low laugh and said, "Can't you hug me?"

Faye wanted to say she did not want to hug him but inexplicably swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue.

Faye did not hug Colin, but she did not push him away either. After the deadlock lasted for about half a minute, Colin pretended to be disappointed and sighed, "Is it so difficult?"

Faye kept silent.

Colin said, "When we were on the expressway just now, the visibility was only about one meter. Robert said he needed to slow down for safety, but I know you are anxious, so I aggressively ordered him to drive faster to get off the expressway before it was blocked."

He paused for a while and continued, "Robert has worked with me for many years. Although he is my assistant, I think of him as my friend. I had never spoken to him with such a bad attitude before. Maybe he will hold a grudge against me from today on."

Colin was speaking calmly and slowly to make her think carefully about his words.

Faye kept still, but Robert's lips twitched with shock, who was supposed to be asleep now.

He had never expected Colin to think of him as his friend.

Then, Colin kept silent, waiting for Faye's answer.

Faye took a deep breath and tentatively put her hands on his waist.

When feeling a pair of soft hands slowly wrapped around his waist, Colin smiled, "Hold me tight."

Faye didn't know why she had hugged him.

To requite favors?

She disliked being close to people and had never taken the initiative to hug anyone before, so her action was stiff and clumsy.

When she was about to completely hold Colin, the latter suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward, letting her fall into his arms.

She frowned, while he laughed in a low voice with his head down, "You were too slow, so I could not bear it."

Faye stiffly put her hands on his back and asked, "Is it enough?"

Colin teased, "I am very curious. Why are you so different from when we have sex? It is just a hug. Why are you so nervous?"

Faye replied, "When we have sex, we're like hookups. But when I hug you, I treat you as a friend."

Her tone was serious, so Colin fell silent.

After a few seconds, he held her waist and lifted her onto his lap. When their eyes met, he smiled wickedly, "You're treating me as a friend now?"


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