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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Care

Faye thought Colin was the most shameless person in Cocanel.

Seeing the expectation in his eyes, she laughed angrily, "Colin, you're going too far."

Hearing her mockery, Colin replied calmly, "That's because my legs are longer than those of others."

Faye snapped, "Colin!"

Colin raised an eyebrow and replied, "Yes?"

She asked calmly, "Do you want to be slapped in the face?"

He replied in a lazy and frivolous voice, "Why do you only want to touch my face? Don't you want to touch other places?"

Hearing his words, she glared at him intensely.

He laughed, "It has been three days."

Faye ridiculed, "Is three days a long time?"

Colin pressed her hand on his crotch and said, "Yes, it's a long time."

Faye wanted to break free, but she failed because of the disparity in strength. So, she let out a sigh and chose to use her words to fight back, saying, "You pervert! How did you survive before we got married?"

Colin pressed her hand with one hand and loosened his belt with the other.

His eyes were full of desire, but his expression was calm. He said in a hoarse voice half-jokingly, "I thought about you when relaxing..."

Faye was speechless, and the temperature in the car steadily rose.

Colin did not try to hide his joy at all.

Faye had been able to pretend to be calm at first and thought she could make him feel embarrassed if she kept staring at him.

But he narrowed his pretty eyes in comfort, and his Adam's apple was rolling up and down. When he wrapped his big hand over hers, the blue veins on the back of his hand popped out...

Seeing this, Faye pursed her lips tightly and looked out the window.


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