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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Failing To Catch The Man

Faye glanced at Colin, pushed the door open, and got off the car.

Seeing this, Robert was afraid she would get in trouble in this unfamiliar place, so he hurriedly got off and followed up, saying, "Ms. Nash, I will go together with you."

Hearing this, Faye stopped her steps, looked back at him, and said, "No need. Aren't Ethan's people upstairs? You go back to take care of Colin. Come upstairs together with him after he wakes up."

Robert said embarrassedly, "If you have an accident, Mr. Farrell will not forgive me."

Robert and Faye barely communicate, so he thought she was a beautiful and indifferent woman.

Hearing his words, Faye smiled, "Don't worry. I won't be hurt."

Then, she walked upstairs alone.

Staring after her, Robert frowned.

When she had been in the car, she had heard Robert tell Colin that the man lived on the third floor.

The apartment building was old, and the steps were made of cement. There should be no people living on the first or second floor because there was thick duck on the ground.

As soon as she walked to the third floor, she heard some people fighting in an apartment.

Faye accelerated her pace, but before she reached the door, eight bodyguards suddenly rushed out, and the leader bumped into her heavily when leaving in a hurry.

When she raised her eyes, she noticed the leader who was going downstairs had a small black mole under an eye.

When she stood up while rubbing her arm, another group of people rushed out, and each of them had been injured.

"D*mn it! How can we explain to Mr. Bond?"

"No one expected the Farrells would intervene."

When the two men standing at the door were complaining, Faye heard their words, so she turned her to look at them and asked, "Are you Ethan's people?"

"Are you Ms. Nash?"

Faye pursed her lips and replied, "Yes."

"We are Mr. Bond's people. I'm sorry, but the man was taken away."

Faye took a deep breath and asked, "By the Farrells?"

One man replied, "Yes. The housekeeper of the Farrells came here in person."

Faye fell silent

York Blake had come in person.

The outsiders might think York was just a housekeeper.

But Faye had lived in the Farrells for years, so she knew clearly that he was like Old Mr. Farrell's son and that his status in the Farrells was comparable to that of Blaine.

Hearing the man's answer, Faye kept silent.

Seeing this, the young man raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, "Ms. Nash, I am very curious. Is that man a friend or an enemy of the Farrells? If you want to catch him, why did your housekeeper come to save him?"

The young man was asking an ordinary question, but there was sarcasm in his tone.

Faye couldn't answer this question, so she frowned silently.


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