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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Would Not Ask Him For Help

Faye knew she shouldn't trust him from the very beginning!

When Colin walked to the door, he happened to hang up the phone. He put away the phone and helped Faye pull the broken hair on her cheek behind her ear, "Mr. Blake invited me to dinner tonight."

Faye glanced at Galen, who couldn't close her mouth in shock, and narrowed her eyes, "Okay."

Colin ignored the displeasure in Faye's eyes, and turned his head to greet Galen, "Faye's assistant?"

Galen reacted and said awkwardly, "Hello, Mr. Farrell."

Colin smiled lazily, "Buy Faye some soup tonight. She has a poor stomach and can't eat anything else."

Galen hurriedly said yes. She looked at Colin and then at Faye, and felt that the atmosphere between them was somewhat ambiguous.

Before Galen could see more details, Colin had walked away.

Galen watched Colin get in the elevator and took two steps toward Faye, "Ms. Nash, do you have a good relationship with Mr. Farrell?"

Faye said, "No."

Galen was surprised, "Really? But it seems that Mr. Farrell is very close to you. He even knows that you can only have soup at night!"

Faye withdrew her gaze and walked to the room, "Let's have a barbecue tonight, spicy."

Galen was surprised, "What?"

Faye turned her back to Galen to sort out the tablet computer on the coffee table, "He lied to you. I can eat anything at night."

Galen realized that Faye suggested barbecue to refute what Colin had just said.

Galen added, "Ms. Nash, are you and Mr. Farrell childhood sweethearts?"

Faye froze and responded, "I don't think so."

Galen usually didn't talk much. But today she was so excited to see Colin, and she became very chatty, "But I heard from others in the company that you grew up together!"

Faye straightened up with the tablet computer and said, "I grew up with Hank. Colin... came to the Farrells later."

Galen nodded heavily and said, "I remember it. They all said that Mr. Farrell was the illegitimate child of the Farrells!"

Faye was surprised.

Was Colin the illegitimate child of the Farrells?


Outsiders might not know, but Faye knew well that Colin's father married his mother first.

When Galen saw Faye's silence, she realized that she had said something wrong, and hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand and apologized, "Ms. Nash, that's not what I meant. I didn't mean to speak ill of Mr. Farrell."

Faye smiled, "Okay, no need to apologize. You've worked for me for two years. I know your temperament."

Hearing Faye's words, Galen was much relieved.

Galen and Faye had a barbecue for dinner at the restaurant opposite the hotel.

They were sweating profusely and ordered two bottles of icy Sprite.

Galen looked at Faye who was sitting across from her and felt for the first time that Faye was so easygoing.

"Ms. Nash, has anyone ever said that you are beautiful? I mean, you are not ordinarily beautiful, but breathtaking beautiful at first glance." Galen stared at Faye and said.

Faye lifted her eyes to look at her and said with a smile, "Really?"

Galen said, "Yeah! You'd better laugh more often. Everyone is afraid to get close to you because of your relationship with the Farrells."

Faye enjoyed the food and said slowly, "I have nothing to do with the Farrells."

Galen didn't pay much attention to what Faye said. She took a sip of the icy sprite in front of her, and asked, "Ms. Nash, Mr. Farrell said that Mr. Blake invited him to dinner. Is it Mr. Blake we are looking for?"


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