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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 So Pitiful

Colin said "chance encounter" meaningfully.

Faye showed a natural expression, but Galen, who was standing beside her, blushed.

Galen felt guilty. When she saw Colin and Faye looking at each other, she felt like she was watching a fight between big shots

Mr. Blake knew Colin's romantic temperament and worried that he would frighten Faye. He smiled and comforted Faye, "Don't be afraid. He is exactly what he is, but he's not bad."

Faye smiled, "Okay."

Mr. Blake had aged after all. Seeing Colin come, he just wanted to watch a good show, "Colin, go play two rounds with the young girl."

Colin raised his eyebrows at Faye, "Dare to play with me?"

Faye smiled and said nothing, but her hands holding the club was about to move.

Colin noticed Faye's small movements and stepped forward to take the club from Mr. Blake's hand. He walked behind Faye and said with a chuckle, "Play hard. If you win over me, I'll help you deal with Mr. Blake."

Faye's hand froze. She looked back at Colin and asked in a voice only the two of them could hear, "Really?"

Colin raised his hand and unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt, "When did I lie to you?"

Faye was speechless.

Colin seemed to come to his senses, "Oh, once, in bed."

Faye said nothing.

Colin said casually with a faint smile, "I said I was going to stop, but I didn't stop."

Faye took a deep breath and walked away.

In the following competition, they played 18 holes. Faye tried her best but finally fell behind.

Colin looked at her with the club and stepped forward. He wrapped one arm around her waist from behind as she hit the last ball, and landed his other hand on the club in her hand.

"You've been playing for so long, but you haven't made any progress at all."

"Stick your feet together, tilt your left foot slightly, and shift your weight on your left foot," Colin whispered to Faye with a cigarette between his teeth. Faye's body became somehow tense, but she didn't dare to fight back because of Mr. Blake's presence.

Faye hit the final ball beautifully, accurately, and perfectly.

But Faye had been too far behind Colin. Her perfect ball could not play a decisive role.

Colin let go of her hand, "You lose."

Faye pursed her lips, "I am willing to admit defeat."

In the end, she failed to take Colin as a shortcut. Faye sweated a little, and she turned and walked towards Galen.

Galen hurriedly handed over water and a towel, "Mr. Farrell is good at golf!"

Faye took the towel to wipe the sweat, "Yes."

Galen said, "Ms. Nash, what are we going to do next? Are we going..."

Galen's expression suddenly changed, and she carefully tugged at Faye's sleeve, "Ms. Nash, Mason."

Faye heard her words and looked up. Mason came. At this moment, she was standing beside Colin in a woolen coat. The two looked at each other, talking about something and they looked perfect together.

When Faye retracted her gaze, she adjusted her stance and avoided her deliberately.

Galen was also nervous. She was worried that Mason would make a scene.

"Ms. Nash, is Mason going to make a scene?"


As soon as Faye said it, Mr. Blake said with a smile behind her, "Young girl, we're leaving. See you."

Faye pursed her lips. She had to look back and said goodbye to him at such a time.


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