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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Reveal

A fight?

She and Colin?

Faye looked at Robert's message, tapped her fingertips on the phone screen, and replied, "No."

The corners of Robert's mouth twitched when he saw Faye's answer. Then, he looked up at Colin, whose shirt collar was slightly open, and he did not dare to breathe too loudly.

Colin was scolding an executive.

The executive kept his head down and did not say a word, letting Colin throw the bid he had just submitted onto him.

"See for yourself what you submitted to me!

"You all should know in your hearts how important this bid is to the company. How dare you use this thing to fool me?"

The executive was in his early forties. He stood there in fear and trepidation and he was blushing fiercely.

After Colin finished scolding, he raised his hand and pulled the tie around his neck. Then, he tapped his slender fingers on the table. "I'll give you three more days. If you can't make a qualified bid within three days, your entire department should pack up and get out of here!"

The executive blushed as he answered, "Y-Yes, Mr. Farrell."

Colin said two more curse words and irritably pulled off his tie before throwing it into Robert's arms and leaving the conference room.

Right after Colin left, the executives in the conference room sighed. In addition, the executive who had just been scolded fell directly onto the chair.

"What's going on with Mr. Farrell today? He's so unusual."

"Yeah, he is usually cynical. When did you see him blow such a huge gasket?"

"Is this bid significant?"

During the discussion, the executives turned their attention to the face of the executive who had just been scolded.

The face of the executive who was scolded looked off-colored. "Not at all! It's just a small project."

The executives, "..."

After coming out of the conference room, Colin walked in front with a sullen face while Robert followed behind in fear.

The employees who saw them on the way all ran away from them lest they also suffer from this calamity.

Back in the office, Colin sat on the office chair in anger. "They can't even do these small things well. Why should I keep them around?"

Robert, "Indeed."

Colin lifted his hand and scratched the middle of his brows. "Did you drive Faye's car back to the apartment yesterday?"

Robert, "Yes. She drove here this morning."

Colin, "Did you see her this morning?"

Robert, "I did. When I was waiting for you at the gates of the residential area, I saw her driving out, but I don't think she saw me."

The expression behind Colin's eyes was unreadable. "How did she look today?"

Robert recalled the scene this morning when he saw Faye and answered honestly. "She looked fine. She didn't look different from how she usually was."

Colin's face turned cold.

Robert had been working with Colin for so many years and he knew Colin must be sulking right now. So, he coughed softly and said, "Mr. Farrell, do you like Faye?"

Colin lifted his eyes to look at Robert. Then, a sarcastic cold smile appeared on the corners of his lips. "What do you think?"

When Robert looked into Colin's malicious eyes, he immediately felt a layer of sweat forming on his back.

Robert always felt that Faye and Colin's relationship was a mystery.

Back then, Robert suspected that Colin liked Faye, and it was when Faye just joined Farrell Media.

Colin asked Robert to take good care of Faye in private. He was very concerned about her and he could ask Robert how she was at least six or seven times a day.

Then, one day, Colin called Robert in the middle of the night, his voice hoarse, "You don't need to take care of Faye starting from tomorrow."


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