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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32 A Devastating Criticism

Faye wore a black blazer and a skirt today. In addition to that, she was also wearing flesh-colored stockings and a pair of black high-heeled shoes that were shaped like wine glasses.

It was a decent and proper outfit, but when it was on her, it looked very tempting.

The person over the walkie-talkie said something to Faye and she frowned slightly, looking a little unhappy.

Colin had always been known as a playboy. The man standing opposite saw him looking at Faye, so followed his sight, he grinned and teased, “What a beauty, is she from Farrell Media?”

Colin retracted his gaze and looked at the man, his eyes were cold. “Yeah.”

The man did not notice Colin's indifference and continued, “Mr. Farrell, are you interested in that person?”

Colin's lips curled. “Are you, Mr. Newell?”

The man known as Mr. Newell smiled a bit wretchedly. “I’ll get in line behind Mr. Farrell, I can take over when you get bored of her.”

Colin smiled and reached out to pat the other's arm.

The man thought that Colin had acquiesced, so his smile got bigger, and he toasted Colin solicitously.

Today, Farrell Media was the host and Colin was the star of the party.

In addition to dealing hypocritically with bigwigs from all walks of life in the circle, he also had to accept toasts from the company’s artists.

After a few rounds, Colin became impatient and gave Robert a look. Then, he lightly pulled the collar of his shirt and walked to the lounge on the second floor.

Colin had just reached the top of the stairs when he saw a young boy in the corner talking to Faye.

The boy looked shy and his face and ears were red. He held a glass of juice in his hand and handed it to Faye. When Faye took it, his eyes were full of joy that could not be hidden.

The person talking to Faye was Sebastian, and he was thanking her for helping him last time.

“Ms. Nash, thank you very much. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to continue working in the entertainment industry.”

Faye smiled lightly. Coincidentally, she was thirsty after speaking all night. So, she took a sip of juice and said, “It's nothing, it's just a very small effort.”

Although it was a very small effort for Faye, Sebastian was still grateful and he stared at Faye with admiration. “Ms. Nash, can I ask you out to dinner in private?”

Faye lifted her eyes to look at him. “Why?”

Sebastian felt ill at ease and did not know how to answer her for a while. “I...I just wanted to express my gratitude.”

Faye, “I’ll see if I have time.”

Sebastian, “So you agree?”

Faye replied with a smile. “You are in your most sensitive period now. If you are photographed eating alone with a girl, it will not be good for you. When you are resting, bring your agent along to ask me out.”

Sebastian nodded happily. “Okay.”

Robert asked for a cup of tea from the waiter to give Colin to sober up. When he walked to the stairs, he saw his boss's long and slender fingers tapping the handrail and he was glaring at a corner.

Robert stepped forward, followed Colin's sight, and said in a low voice, “That boy's name is Sebastian Franklin, the company's trainee. He is currently the most popular and famous among the newcomers.”

Colin glanced at Robert sharply, “Do you know him?”

Robert, “Did you forget? Last time, Faye helped him get out of the embarrassment by hyping up the scandal between you and Miss Long.”


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