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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Participate in Variety Show

To create enough gimmicks, the show was broadcasted live.

The audience didn't know who Faye was. They started to post bullet-screen comments when they saw the six's reactions.

"Who is that young lady? Why are they standing up?"

"Ahhh, I saw a hint of surprise in Gale's eyes."

"So Sebastian do."

All six of them knew Faye. They didn't know what to say after standing up and staring at her.

It wasn't hard to guess that Faye must be the seventh participant for her to be showing up here. However, they weren't sure whether Faye was willing to reveal her identity to the public.

Looking at their expressions, Faye could understand their hesitation. She took the initiative to speak, "Hello everyone, I am Faye Nash, Farrell Media's public relations manager."

As Faye finished her words, Sebastian immediately responded, "Ms. Nash, are you here to participate in the show too?"

Faye nodded with a smile, "Just call me by my name during this show."

"Did I hear wrong just now? Farrell Media's public relations manager?"

"Isn't this amateur a little top-notch? It feels like she would overwhelm the other artists."

"But Faye is so beautiful. Are all people from media companies this good-looking?"

As Faye sat down, the atmosphere turned much more awkward than before.

Even Flora, who had been careless since entering the door, was sitting upright. Although holding a handful of sunflower seeds, she didn't dare to eat them.

Gale was the calmest among the six. He stood up, poured a glass of water, and handed it to Faye with a smile, "Faye, have you ever been in a relationship before?"

Faye took the glass and replied, "No."

Gale asked, "But you're beautiful. There's no one chasing after you?"

Faye curled up her lips, "Probably because everyone thinks that I'm not easy to approach."

Gale responded with manners, "No, it's probably that everyone has some misunderstanding with your occupation."

Faye was delighted, "Probably so."

With Gale taking the lead, the rest of them began to talk to Faye one after another.

Although Faye was speedy and strict at work, she was surprisingly easy to talk to on the show.

Faye took a sip of water and looked at Flora. Then, she said with a smile, "I remember you. You're the one who acted in an advertisement for a type of children's candy a while ago. It's adorable, and it suits you."

As Flora heard Faye's words, her eyes lit up. She moved her body to sit beside Faye and said excitedly, "Faye, have you really seen my advertisement before?"

Faye replied, "Yes, I have."

Flora was happy, "I didn't expect that you would notice a lesser-known artist like me."

Faye smiled, "A person with potential will shine no matter where they are. You'll definitely get better in the future."

After praising Flora, Faye set her eyes on Fanny, who was the least talkative, "Isn't your latest TV drama going to be broadcasted soon? You don't want to take this show's advantage to advertise your new drama?"

Fanny didn't expect Faye would notice her. She was always someone who wasn't known to many people. Although everyone recognized her potential, she wasn't being likable by the company because she wasn't good at dealing with people.

Even her being able to participate in this show was something that her agent had begged the senior leaders for a long time.

Fanny raised her eyes and said with a slightly sore voice, "I'm just a supporting character."

Faye smiled gently, "I had the honor to read the script before. The supporting character you're acting is a very good role. Moreover, you have a calm personality. Playing such a role will improve others' impression of you."

Fanny clenched her hands, "Thank you."

Faye said, "I'll be waiting for you to be nominated as this year's best supporting actress."

Fanny looked back at Faye and didn't know how to respond.


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