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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39 A Clear Division of Labor

The other six were in a high mental tension state. So, none of them noticed Colin's small actions.

Only Robert, who was standing beside them, saw what happened clearly.

Robert took a glance and immediately looked away. He thought secretly in his heart, "He's so stubborn to say that he didn't like her."

Oh, men.

As Colin finished speaking, none of the six dared to say anything. Faye turned her legs slightly aside and said while smiling, "We'll be living here for half a month. Should we first divide the labor? Like who does the cooking, who washes the dishes, and who is responsible for the cleaning?"

As Faye finished her words, Flora, who was the nearest to her, said, "I don't know how to cook. I'll wash the dishes then!"

Gail said, "I also don't know how to cook. I'll wash the dishes too."

There were eight people in total, and it wasn't necessary to have two people to do the dishes.

Faye smiled, "We only need one person to wash the dishes, but we can have two for cooking."

Gail said, "I want to wash the dishes anyway."

Flora wasn't pleased, "I was the first to say that I wanted to wash the dishes. Why are you..."

It was only the first day of their stay, and there was already a dispute over a trivial matter such as washing the dishes.

The show effect the production team wanted was here, but undoubtedly, it would ruin people's impressions of the artists.

Faye placed the glass in her hand on the coffee table, "Gail will do the dishes. Flora, you'll do the cooking with me. You can help me out."

Gail wasn't happy but seeing Faye helping her out, her anger lessened. She replied with a muffled voice, "Okay. But Faye, I don't know anything about cooking. Please don't be annoyed by me."

Faye leaned toward Flora and said near her ears, "It's okay. I don't know either."

Flora looked at Faye with surprised eyes. Faye winked at her.

Flora chuckled and smiled playfully.

"What did Faye speak to Flora? Why did Flora smile immediately?"

"It seems that Gail isn't someone who is easy to hang out with!"

"My friend, please be confident and trust your instincts. I watched her live broadcast two days ago. She had a pretty bad personality."

Since Faye and Flora would do the cooking and Gail would wash the dishes, the others could only do the cleaning.


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